Blogtober (Redux) #19: On Traveling, Time Jumps, and Trailing WiFi

Oh, my dears. I'm back in the US of A after my whirlwind trip to Europe (see earlier posts). It was, in a word, incredible. There will be posts. So. many. posts. I'm dedicating every day of the rest of Blogtober to posting about this trip that took me on several journeys. From posts to [...]

Blogtober (Redux) #2: We’re in Iceland, people. Iceland.

So there are places in the international world that I'm intrigued by but haven't really sat down and considered the logistics of going there. Fiji. Galapagos. Greenland. Iceland. Oh, wait. I'm in Iceland as we speak. En route to Frankfurt, we stopped in Reykjavik for my layover. We disembarked and entered some of the coldest [...]

stand on an aged, wood floor like an evergreen.

   Happy Official First Day of Autumn. You know how I feel about this season.  Below is Mary Hamrick's poem about the season. Evocative.  Autumn by Mary Hamrick Autumn is like an old book: Marred spines turn mean yellow, staples rust red-orange. Every stained page is stressed by a splat of color. Rough-red, like an [...]

Autumn Promises. (#2)

(Feel free to read the first batch of promises here.) Dear Autumn, I promise to not blame you when the things I hope for during your autumnal months don't come through. After all, your crunchy leaves and orange moon can't really wring people/things/goals into action, can they? I promise to do something about my habit of purchasing pea coats that [...]

About your Author Redux. (Blogtober #30)

Oh, hi. We're doing this again, huh? How exciting. Sarcastic much? As you say, let's move on. How are you feeling about Blogtober so far? Tomorrow is the last day... I'm thrilled. This was a great project and I loved every minute of it. Lessons learned? Definitely that it's possible to be regular with my blogging. [...]