Recent Fiction

So I’m extremely proud of my recently published collection of short stories, entitled The Loftiest Thing. Book

If you’d like to purchase the paperback version of the book, kindly go here.

If you’d like the purchase a digital version of the book for your Kindle, head on over here.

If you love hardcover books like me and want a hardcover version of the book, please take a trip over here.

Thank you in advance for supporting this poor but happy writer.

“Classic” Fiction (my first book)

So I wrote a book. I wrote a book! (Self-publishing: the wave of the future.)

Go here if you’d like to purchase a digital version of my first collection of fiction and poetry, Raincoat for your SensesBook


Check out a piece I wrote for The Maria Antoinette, a fashion, beauty, hair and lifestyle blog. Pretty excited to share this with you and to also mention that a new guest contribute for TMA, more pieces will come and will shared here. You’ll find my latest piece (as of today) here. Happy Reading! And thanks for your support. 

So I wrote a short essay about a certain TV boy we all loved in the past (I’m assuming that we all loved him, because why not?) and it was published by HelloGiggles and I squealed like I was baying at the moon. You can find it here. Hopefully, more essays will come in the future.

Back in the day, with a pencil in my hand. Always something to write with, naturally.