Your Square Peg Is Writing


My latest collection of poetry, Your Elephant, After All, published in May 2019, is available in paperback on Amazon. You can find it here. Oh, and I have an author page on Amazon where all of my works are available. Right here. If you like poems rich in allegory, a bit of humor, plenty of pathos, photographs , and run-on sentences (it’s my thing), then YEAA is the book for you. Yeah.


So I’m extremely proud of my collection of short stories, entitled The Loftiest Thing,  Bookpublished in 2014.

If you’d like to purchase the paperback version of the book, kindly go here.

If you’d like the purchase a digital version of the book for your Kindle, head on over here.

If you love hardcover books like me and want a hardcover version of the book, please take a trip over here.

Thank you in advance for supporting this poor but happy writer.

“Classic” Fiction and Poetry (my first book)

So I wrote a book. I wrote a book! (Self-publishing: the wave of the future.)


Go here if you’d like to purchase a digital version of my first collection of fiction and poetry, Raincoat for your Senses.


As of November 2017, I officially became a contributor for The Maria Antoinette, a fashion, beauty, hair and lifestyle blog. Pretty exciting and such a boon to this writing platform that I’m trying to share and expand and grow.

My author page and past submissions are here. Check out the blog in general! And my pieces appear twice a month.

Happy Reading! Thanks for your support.

Back in the day, with a pencil in my hand. Always something to write with, naturally.

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