Blogtober #30: More Of You.

Ever hear a song that just gives you that Friday feeling? Lovely melody, lyrics, catchy rhythm, and a voice that is just divine? Here’s Emeli Sande’s new single. I. Adore. Emeli. Download it like I just did and play it this fine Friday, won’t you?


Blogtober #2: October.

Late entry this Saturday eve. It was a long work day and then this lady fell into a hard nap after work. I’m sure you’ll agree that naps hit different when you’re not 12 anymore. I basically slept. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Yesterday, I mentioned that October is my favorite month. Here are four reasons why: 1. My …


That's the name I've given my wig. SN: wigs are like sliced bread when it comes to my eternal love and devotion. I can slap a wig cap over my two-strand twists that I didn't feel like taking out--which is exactly what's going on as we e-speak--and transform my entire look for the day. Pretty …