World. Class. Chocolate.

Danai and Lupita. Okoye and Nakia. Africa and Africa. New Muse and Still Muse. World Class Chocolate and World Class Chocolate. When I was a little growing brown girl, I saw women of color in my home, in my community, among my relatives. But I didn't realize that representation outside of that nexus was important [...]

The Chocolate Meeting.

What would happen, perchance to dream: Scene: after a premiere that I've somehow been invited to, during a meet-and-greet.  Lupita: Hello, [Government Name]. It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for your support. Me: Your elegance, talent, and grace are inspiriring, Ms. Nyong'o. Lupita: Oh, please call me Lupita. And thank you [...]

The Influenza Monster.

First, hi. Second, yep, it's been several weeks. Third, yep, we're in an entirely different year than we were in my last post. Hope you're loving 2015 so far. Me? I'm trying to make it through the day without passing out within inches of my co-workers. During the past week, I was felled by a vicious [...]