Blogtober #30: More Of You.

Ever hear a song that just gives you that Friday feeling? Lovely melody, lyrics, catchy rhythm, and a voice that is just divine? Here’s Emeli Sande’s new single. I. Adore. Emeli. Download it like I just did and play it this fine Friday, won’t you?

Blogtober #15: Abbey Road.

Five years ago today. In London, mid-autumn, travelista-ing, crossing the same road that one of my favorite musical groups walked on and named an album after. Yes, I squealed. Thanks to my beloved Daddy for introducing me to a love of traveling, of music, and of the Beatles. 💜


Here are some of the albums/songs/ I currently have on repeat: Snoh Aalegra, Ugh those feels again. I'm sure the name of the album provides a clue about why it speaks to me so powerfully. But, yes, Snoh's masterful second album is constantly playing in my car and in my ear. Her smooth, evocative voice, …

Five Top Fives.

Faves, like to hear it, here it go (in no particular order): Top Five Singers/Musicians/Artists I've Loved For All Time Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Stevie Wonder Diana Ross James Taylor Top Five Actresses I Love and Adore and Just Love and Adore Cate Blanchett Viola Davis Diane Lane Tracee Ellis Ross (purely coincidental that my …

because it’s Wednesday.

  Old Bae. Bond. That Scottish accent. Indiana Jones' Dad. You've loved Sean Connery all your life, haven't you? Me, too. Here's to aging gracefully, Dr. Jones.