i didn’t look pregnant!


Party people: I rarely wear jumpsuits. Because when I do wear them, I look with child. And since I’m not with child and haven’t ever been with child, you can imagine me wanting to avoid appearing that way when it comes to my personal style. Nevertheless, while at Ross a week or so ago, I came upon the jumpsuit you see above and it really delighted my eye. The pattern, the texture–everything. My friend, who was shopping with me, gasped. “You have to buy that! It’s so cute!” Me: But I’ll look pregnant. “You won’t!” Me: I will. Every jumpsuit I’ve ever owned or worn–with the exception of like, one–has created a weirdness in my mid-section area, creating an illusion that I certainly wasn’t looking for. Hence my reluctance. But my friend’s encouragement won me over. Fast forward to me wearing the jumpsuit for a graduation this past weekend and happily discovering that it was lovely and non-pregnant looking!


Here’s to taking tiny risks with style and in life, too, which all culminates to tip-toeing out of that warm comfort zone every now and again.

Soooo: do you have outfits that create said weird illusion? Wanna share?



Elegant? Why, Thank You. (Fabu Fashion TBT)

Hey, y’all.

On Monday of this week, I wore a pencil skirt that I snagged from Nordstrom Rack (they built one by my house, so I officially bid all my money goodbye) and a peplum top that I’ve had for a million years. (Last Monday; therein lies the tbt.) I didn’t even think about it. Wasn’t that particularly exciting as far as outfits go. I just put it on and came to work like I do every day against my will. So imagine my surprise when two colleagues complimented me on how elegant I looked. When wearing a simple outfit and some flats you scored from your mother’s closet, you’re not thinking elegant. But I’ll take it. Some photos below.

pepskirt1 pepskirt2

Happy Thursday…

because your Mother is always right.

So my mother hasn’t dressed me since I was a teenager, but deep down in her heart, I know she wants to. I would classify my personal style as modern, unfussy, feminine, subtly chic. In other words, I like to look lovely but I’m the lady who won’t overwhelm the room with my fashion choices. My mother, on the other hand, is just plain fashionable. She will always turn heads and not the what in the world is she wearing? turning of heads, but the Wow, I want what she’s wearing! kind of heads. That said, when she gives me fashion advice, I tend to listen–just not 100 percent of the time, since sometimes, it may not be my style or the look I’m going for. Those moments are fun, by the way. (“You have a problem with this suggestion?” “No, Ma, I just don’t feel it. Can’t I just say no?” “Hmph.”) Anyway, I know she longs for the days when she would just buy my clothes and dress me 100 percent of the time. Instead of doing that, however, recently she’s been hanging up clothes in her room and simply pointing me in their direction. Try this, she likes to say, her voice soft and leading, as if I’m being tricked into being potty trained all over again. I can’t fit it anymore, she then says, smiling, but perhaps you can. Oh, I know the game. That was the case with a dress she led me to a few weeks ago. I studied the dress. Pretty, pink, very feminine, almost romantic. I turned it down. She asked me why. I told her that despite how nice it was, it didn’t really capture me. Fine, she replied, knowing that a day like yesterday would come.

You see, yesterday afternoon, I had nothing to wear to our house of worship. Absolutely nothing. Most of my clothes are either well-worn or too big, and I wasn’t in the mood to incite déjà vu with my ensemble or snap on a belt to hold my stuff together. (I need to go shopping, I know.) Enter Mom’s dress.

I put it on. It looked terrific. It fit like a glove. So there you go. Listen to your mother, because she’s always right.

(By the way, she merely smiled when I came downstairs in the dress. Just a nice, serene smile. Later, she calmly told me to always listen to her. Haaaa!)

I snapped a few photos of the dress for your viewing pleasure. Well, my sissy snapped the photos and oh, the angles. I’m a straight angle kind of gal, not the camera looking up at me. Nevertheless, she’s an artiste. Enjoy.

dress23 dress22 dress21

Fabu Fashion #5: Casual Friyay Redux (And a Silent Video)

We’ve come to the end of our Fabu Fashion Week. After these few days of showing you what I’m wearing, I trust that you’ve come to realize that:

  1. I’m basically a simple gal when it comes to fashion. (Perhaps if I lived in my Parisian apartment and was married to you-know-who during the week, you would see endless caftans and golden sandals. Sigh. To sleep, perchance to dream.)
  2. I’m a believer in hoop earrings. Seriously, look at my earrings in this week’s photos. There’s a theme.
  3. I obviously need a job where I have my own office so I can selfie it up behind closed doors and not in ladies loos. (It occurred to me that I could have snapped these photos at home before coming to work, but I’m barely making it in the morning. I literally wake up when I step into the office, and I venture that you do, too.)
  4. I need to buy stock in Ross.
  5. I love dresses. I really do. There’s nothing like a cute dress.
  6. We’ll definitely do this again.

So…drum roll, please…because I love you and because it’s FriYAY, I made my very first video for This Square Peg! I wanted to show you what I was wearing in real time. So because it’s very brief and I say nothing in the vid, it’s This Square Peg’s first silent film. Enjoy. 

Do you love?! I obviously do. Of course, because we live in a world of color, below are some pics of my casual Friyay fashion.


As you can see, light blouse (Ross), Skinnies (you’ve seen them before), and a pair of snazzy sandals I picked up last summer. And no hoop earrings. Imagine that. Also wanted to show off the back of the blouse, which I just adore.

Happy Friyay, ya’ll. Thanks for tuning in this week.

Fabu Fashion #4: The Mod Squad

mod3 mod1

I’m a sucker for 60s-type mod dresses. I’ve had this dress for a while and will hold on to it until the seams fall out. It’s comfortable enough for these hot, spring-is-now-hijacked-by-summer days that we’re experiencing in the Northeast area. I paired it with my mom’s shiny flats (she shouldn’t leave shiny things around with me in the vicinity), some silver hoops, and called it a day. By now, I’m sure you’re realizing that I keep things pretty simple when it comes to work style. Whatever jumps out in the closet and won’t take me too long to put together, since I spend more time unraveling twists and Bantu knots that anything else in the AM. The life of a naturalista.

Happy Thursday. May all your pre-Friyay dreams comes true.

Fabu Fashion #3: A Bit of Coral

Warning: I had to snap today’s episode of Fabu Fashion in the Villainous Lair of Dark Doom; a.k.a., the ladies room with the terrible lighting. Enter if you dare.

fabuwed fabuwed2

I need to tell you how much I love this dress. Ah, I love it. The color, the simplicity, the loveliness. At this point, I’m sure you know where I bought it. I got that cute sweater from the same place. Done and done.

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll.

Fabu Fashion #2: When Tuesday Feels like Monday

Hi, there. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend. I did, which is why today feels a lot like Manic Monday instead of Tuesday. Le sigh. Shall we cut to the chase before I start droning on about why certain days have a “feel”?

fabu261 fabu26

This faux wrap dress is tried and true. Simple, light, animal print, perfect. (Did I tell you how much This Square Peg adores animal print? Must be my inner cheetah.) I’ve worn it at least 1,000 times. Paired with my favorite earrings, a little red lippy, and there you go.

Hope you’re having a fabulous Monday Tuesday.

Fabu Fashion #1: Casual Friyay

The “yay” is intentional. I’m just happy it’s the end of the week. *exhale*

I decided to start the Fabu Fashion week feature today, since I had my iPhone with me in my usual studio (the ladies room) and decided to snap a few photos. Warning: you’ll be seeing a lot of this studio in the coming days, as it has the best lighting. Well, it’s the lesser of two evils when it comes to lighting; the other ladies loo resembles the inner sanctum of a comic book villain, it’s so dark. I digress. Naturally. Here we go.

No, that’s not an enormous pimple you’re seeing to the right of my lip. The mirror had a pesky smudge.



Simple choices for a casual Friday at the OK Corral: black jeans, one of my favorite blouses, flats, and red lipstick to bring a little color in.


Pants – Forever 21
Blouse – I honestly don’t remember. But if you’d like to know why I can’t remember, take note of that gray curl in the last picture above my right ear. There you go.
Shoes – see above. I think it was DSW though.
Lippy: Sephora Cream Lip Stain, Always Red. What I love about this lip stain is that it goes on silky and light, and dries matte. So perfect.

That’s that for Fabu Fashion. Wherever you are this Friyay, I bid you a good day and a bon weekend.

Fabu Fashion Thursday.

Hi there. So this week, my plan was to wear clothes that actually fit. Since I’ve been losing weight for the past few months, a number of my tried and true choices are starting to look like someone is playing a prank on me and sabotaging my outfits. (No one is, by the way, for my fellow paranoids and conspiracy theorists.) In other words, my clothes are too big. Of course, you will hear no complaints from me, really, concerning that; I’d rather my clothes be too big than the other way around. But quite honestly, the sloppy/slovenly look is never appealing, no matter how much I kind of enjoy hoisting up my pants because they’re slipping down. Anyway, the goal this week: to shop in my closet for clothes that I had long abandoned because of how super tight snug they were and to try them now. I wish I would have documented the entire week for you, actually, now that I think about it.

SN: Next week, every day will Fabu Fashion Week. I’ll pic daily for a mini-feature on what I’m wearing and my continuing mission not to look like Stevie Nicks’ younger sister (although that wouldn’t be bad at all, because I’m obsessed with her). It’ll also be a chance to stick with my goal since I’ll be accountable to the few of you who support This Square Peg. (Endless kisses, by the way.)

Back to today.


You like? I do. Pretty simple, which is how I roll most of the time; a nice combination of work casual. Basically, though, I’m happy to report that the pants fit great. I didn’t have to do any hoisting, that’s for sure.

Deets, if you’re interested:

Awesome Pants that Fit – Ross

Cute polka dot blouse – gifted to me by Mom. (By the way, it’s large and it’s loose! That has never happened to yours truly!)

Jacket – Sears. Look don’t sleep on the Sears dinosaur. When I went in last week, I was pleasantly surprised by the chic dressy/work casual options I saw. I’m not putting it on the list of places I’ll race to, but it was nice to confirm that it’s a viable option when shopping.

That’s it for this Fabu Fashion Thursday. What are you wearing, dears?

Fabu Fashion Friday. (Flashback)

We haven’t discussed fashion-y stuff in a while, have we? So I wore the following dress earlier in the week to the OK Corral–hence the flashback–and I wanted to share because I love everything about this dress. A few things: pardon the view of le toilette. Such are the risks of bathroom selfies. Secondly, I am wearing nary a stitch of makeup in these photos and I loves it. In case you’re wondering, I simply didn’t feel like putting a thing on my face. Don’t you love being a woman and doing whatever you like? Now, onwards.

Outfit2 Outfit1

This dress. This dress. First of all, by now, you know that I typically forage the racks of Ross for my stuff (I won’t even link back; basically 90% of what I wear is from there) and this dress is no different. I happened to randomly find it one evening and grabbed it immediately, mostly because I loved the designs and textile-y of it and because it was heavy enough for the autumn at the time. I first wore it to a show I went to at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC; it was dressy enough for the event but not overtly so, which was fine for me (although, these days, people sadly put on jeans and sneaks for an event with the National Symphony Orchestra. Le sigh). Anyway, the first time I wore it, it was a bit snug, but c’est la vie. This time, much less snug and way more comfortable. Don’t you love the way it gives me hips that I don’t have?

Oh, and are you wondering why I have boots on in April? I’ll tell you. Winter has hijacked springtime. And none of us can pay the ransom.

Yours in Shivering in April (and Likely May),


Deets (if you care):

Dress: Ross
Boots: Rack Room Shoes
New Hips: All Mine