Hello, It’s Me.

How are you?

May is Mental Health Awareness month and by now, I hope you know that mental and emotional health and sustainment are big priorities for your Square Peg. It surpasses the month of May, yes, but always worth mentioning when we have dedicated days, too. I want all of us to be okay, and if there are moments when that’s not happening, we will talk. (Conversely, we’ll chat about the moments when we are feeling great, because those are worth talking about, too, and we need that serotonin.)

So, how’s it going? Are you sleeping well? Are you taking time for yourself and meeting your emotional needs? Are you caring for yourself? Are we seeking professional help if the work we’re doing for ourselves isn’t enough?

Me lately:

  1. It’s the truest cliché of them all: I literally take life one day and one hour at a time. Being self-aware is important for me. When I determine, through quite a bit of self-examination, that I’m not doing well emotionally, that’s the time I seek people who bring empathy, aren’t judgmental, and really just listen. So, I’ve been trying to do a lot of that lately. (And being the empathetic non-judgmental listener on my end is important, too, sometimes even more so.)
  2. There have been moments of joy for me, too, and they have been simple and uncomplicated: walks in the park or on a trail with a good friend, caring for my skin, getting a massage when I need it. I don’t even call that self-care anymore. It’s just living and how I find a sense of peace.
  3. Loneliness is tough. I deal it with every single day. I deal it when I’m physically alone and when I’m around people. I’ve dealt with it since I was a little girl. It’s an emptiness that can be vast and tough. Again, I try to talk about it. Revealing my feelings just helps to navigate them.
  4. Speaking of walks: fitness has been another priority for me lately and a brain booster. This health journey I started many years ago has had its hills and valleys–like life, so I honestly don’t beat myself up for normal life stuff, and please, try not to do it, either–and we’re in a good fitness season right now. Trying to make good choices with what I eat and trying to remain active. I’ve also re-structured how I feel about fitness. Like I used to think nothing happened if I wasn’t pooling with sweat. Nah. I moved. I also re-defined what “counts” as being fit. Moving. That counts. You get my drift.
  5. Lately, I’ve just been trying to accept things I can’t change. As an overthinker and an overachiever, this is a daily process.

That’s me, so far, briefly, because if we talked about everything, this post would be way, way longer. But those are the main things.

How are you?


3 Replies to “Hello, It’s Me.”

  1. This really resonates with me especially numbers three and four!! I appreciate months like these because mental health for so long had been omitted or erased from the overall health narrative. Loneliness is very hard but connecting with like minds and kindred spirits like you said is so refreshing! Which is why I love reading your work.

    1. Means so much to me that it resonated with you! We need kindreds and like minds and safe spaces in this life, and my goal is to make this little spot a place for all of that and even more. Thank you, my friend. Always appreciate your support and encouragement!

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