Hello, It’s Me.

How are you? May is Mental Health Awareness month and by now, I hope you know that mental and emotional health and sustainment are big priorities for your Square Peg. It surpasses the month of May, yes, but always worth mentioning when we have dedicated days, too. I want all of us to be okay, …


Blogtober #17: Weekend Walks

Scenes from an almost 5-mile walk this autumnal Saturday afternoon. I heart walks and I heart October. And I doubly heart creeks and brooks and lakes and nature. What a beautiful day. All images credited to This Square Peg. Babble, brook. Babble. Happy Saturday.


In high school, I loved pep rallies. There was something electric about all of us gathered in the gym, screaming for the basketball team or the football team and the loud music and the cheerleaders and all of that. Never mind that in four years of high school (and college, too), I never attended one …