That's the name I've given my wig. SN: wigs are like sliced bread when it comes to my eternal love and devotion. I can slap a wig cap over my two-strand twists that I didn't feel like taking out--which is exactly what's going on as we e-speak--and transform my entire look for the day. Pretty [...]

Meanwhile, in Paris…#1 (Arrivals)

      Nous sommes arrivés, mes amis! (We have arrived, my friends.) And if you're impressed by my amazing French language recall, don't be. After eight whopping years of French teachers beating me over the head with masculine, feminine, passé composé and conditionnel, I had to type that sentence into my trusty language app on [...]

Blogtober (Redux and Late) #31: Regrets or Nah?

Never mind that it's November 1. I meant to post my final entry for Blogtober yesterday, but life. Let's pretend it's yesterday. Thank you for supporting this year's bloggery effort despite the 16-day wifi-related snafu that occurred in the middle. Thank you for everyone that liked a post, followed my little blog this month, left [...]