Blogtober (Redux) #22: Mild Dispute at the London Eye

     Mild and hilarious. One late afternoon, a few steps away from the London Eye, I gazed at up at the structure. Me: Is it a Ferris wheel? My English Hostess: Of course not. Me: Well, it's round, right? And moves around in a circle? MEH: Well, yes. Me: Doesn't that make it a [...]

Blogtober (Redux) #21: The Underground (And the Rediscovery of Chivalry)

Public transportation is the lifeblood of city life in London. The London Underground (aka The Tube), buses--I experienced them all while in the city, and quite extensively, as my friend that hosted me doesn't own a car. So from the moment I landed at Heathrow Airport to the moment I went back to Heathrow to [...]

Blogtober (Redux) #19: On Traveling, Time Jumps, and Trailing WiFi

Oh, my dears. I'm back in the US of A after my whirlwind trip to Europe (see earlier posts). It was, in a word, incredible. There will be posts. So. many. posts. I'm dedicating every day of the rest of Blogtober to posting about this trip that took me on several journeys. From posts to [...]