Blogtober (Redux) #24: No Sleep

The last time I was in Europe, a whopping 11 years ago, my jet lag lasted about two days and then I was fine. My, how things change. It took about five days to acclimate to the time change this time around. And not only was I experiencing days filled with exhaustion and plenty of sleepless, wide-eyed nights, but my digestion changed, too. As in I could barely keep anything down for several days after I arrived in Germany. Utterly bizarre is the best way to describe all of the above. And then I researched jet lag and learned that a lot of what I went through was normal. Just a wonky circadian rhythm.

But I still can’t sleep, you guys. Nearly a week later and back stateside, I fall asleep promptly at 10pm (missing Murder, She Wrote at 11, might I add) and then wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning, waaaay before my 6am rise and “shine” time. Now this isn’t that abnormal (I believe I posted about my strange new sleep schedule a few months ago), but the exhaustion seems stronger and more acute. Le sigh.

Anywho, here’s to not sleeping all the way through because, hey, I still went on my trip, right? (But if you have any remedies for my little problem, especially you travel pros out there, kindly let me know in the comments, won’t you?)



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