In Plain Sight

“Gin and tonic, please,” he said to the waiter. “My, how tame we’ve become in our old age.” He smiled and turned around. She stood before him, grinning and still looking very much like the 21 year-old girl that had crossed the threshold of the gray building on Fairfax Street so many years ago. But [...]

The Choice.

I haven't shared fiction with you in a while, have I? Here's one you'll likely find in my third collection of short fiction. Yes, another book is coming. Call it a spoiler. Share your thoughts about it in the comments, won't you? Enjoy your Friday and have a bon weekend. *********************************************************************** The Choice The envelope sat [...]


I'm still writing poems about him. I don't think that will ever end.   Elegy. 16. Perhaps I always knew I would end up near you, my dear, departed one, near the streets you once walked upon, near the air you once had the privilege to breathe. Somehow that dreaded constant summer began to call [...]

The Wedding and the Web: Part 6

* “Nervous about tomorrow?” Andy Flood asked as he walked into the break room that morning. I stood by the counter, stirring my coffee and deliberating over my resolution from a few nights ago. “Actually, no. I’m kind of looking forward to it.” “Good. I’m glad.” “Mostly because of what Carmen may do.” I watched [...]

The Wedding and the Web: Part 4

            * Charlotte eventually settled on a venue for the wedding—the grand ballroom of the Hotel del Coronado. Gradually, painstakingly, the colors were picked, the dress was finally chosen, and the bridal party wined, dined, and fêted the bride-to-be. Specifically, this bridal party consisted of the three of us: one matron of honor and two [...]