Blogtober (Redux) #21: The Underground (And the Rediscovery of Chivalry)

Public transportation is the lifeblood of city life in London. The London Underground (aka The Tube), buses–I experienced them all while in the city, and quite extensively, as my friend that hosted me doesn’t own a car. So from the moment I landed at Heathrow Airport to the moment I went back to Heathrow to fly home, we spent time on a train or a bus. And I loved it. Not only did I feed my ravenous desire for people-watching over and over again, but I was among some of the most polite people I’ve come across in a long while. And not only polite, but chivalrous. Meaning the men. 

Yeah, you read that right. 

It’s not totally dead, my lady readers. Chivalry is alive and well…in England. Men spontaneously hoisted my two-ton suitcase up the stairs for me, showed us where to go, offered us seats on the Tube, made sure said two-ton suitcase didn’t fall over as the train lurched toward to our destinations. I was stunned. And pleased. And stunned. 

That said, after my return home, as I gazed at the blank faces around me during my Monday morning train commute to work, I couldn’t help but wish I was somewhere else…

…Lest we dip into melancholy, however, below are some photos of the Underground for your viewing pleasure.



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