The Actor: Random Memory #3

Hi, there. It’s been forever. We’re in a whole new year. Happy to be back with y’all. No excuses regarding my absence, dear reader. Life. But we’re back… So, I haven’t shared a random memory with you in a while. (See past memories here and here.) The purpose was to share them during my morning …

Adjoa on a Monday.

This post was originally  published on February  16, 2018 and updated today, February 3, 2021. The months are entirely coincidental. Or are they? Read on to learn what my dream job would be and why it remains my dream job, three years later.  Ever since my early twenties, coffee shops have been my true love. …

Blogtober #27: It looks photoshopped.

But it’s not. A friend humorously made that statement when I shared the following photo four years ago. A crêpe, an Eiffel, and that moon. Looks altered to me, too. But it was blissfully real and certainly one of the best trips I’ve ever experienced. Bon Tuesday.

Blogtober #19: Geneva.

In 2004, I visited dear friends who lived in Pontarlier, France. Since Pontarlier is located close to the Swiss border, my friend Clara advised that I fly to Geneva, Switzerland, and she would pick me up from there. Yes, thoughts of Switzerland danced in my 24 year-old head. It was the most beautiful place I …

Blogtober #15: Abbey Road.

Five years ago today. In London, mid-autumn, travelista-ing, crossing the same road that one of my favorite musical groups walked on and named an album after. Yes, I squealed. Thanks to my beloved Daddy for introducing me to a love of traveling, of music, and of the Beatles. 💜

Blogtober #11: Sundays.

Sundays were my favorite growing up. Comics. Some of you out there remember newspapers. I still love them. When I was a wee Square Peg, my pops would buy the giant Sunday version of The Washington Post, which meant a voluminous comics section, which meant a color comics section, at that (the weekday comics were …

Blogtober #6: SMH

I made this face four years ago, according to my social media memories. Not much has changed. Same face. Same side eye. Same smh. Been a long day. Nevertheless: onwards.