Blogtober (Redux) #19: On Traveling, Time Jumps, and Trailing WiFi

Oh, my dears. I’m back in the US of A after my whirlwind trip to Europe (see earlier posts). It was, in a word, incredible. There will be posts. So. many. posts. I’m dedicating every day of the rest of Blogtober to posting about this trip that took me on several journeys. From posts to photos, we will discuss. Speaking of Blogtober…

Yeah, I’m sure you noticed that the last post was #2 and now we’re on #19. (Hence the time jump.) I wanted to blog while overseas. I ached to. I even started out while I was in Iceland. But the wifi overseas treated me a lot like my 9th grade crush after I professed my love to him: very coldly. It was fleeting, at times nonexistent. And since I wasn’t about to come back home with an astronomical data bill, celebrating Blogtober wasn’t happening. So we’re on Day 19 now and we will keep on faithfully trucking until Day 31. Needless to say, I refuse to deem Blogtober Redux a bust. Things happen, right?

Continue to join me on the journey. I’ll be back tomorrow…


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