Blogtober (Redux) #2: We’re in Iceland, people. Iceland.

So there are places in the international world that I’m intrigued by but haven’t really sat down and considered the logistics of going there. Fiji. Galapagos. Greenland. Iceland.

Oh, wait. I’m in Iceland as we speak.

En route to Frankfurt, we stopped in Reykjavik for my layover. We disembarked and entered some of the coldest air I’ve experienced in a while. But it’s Iceland air. Even if it’s for an hour, I’m in Iceland. I’m excited about the English directions to the gate and to the ladies room, happy that I figured out how to open the bathroom door, thrilled that I got a brief whiff of the atmosphere. All in Iceland. No hints of Aurora Borealis when we landed, but it’s seriously all good.

Next stop Galapagos? 



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