Blogtober (Redux) #30: Mind the Gap.

mindthegapI heard it so many times while riding the Tube that I began to long for it: the soothing, Brit-accented automaton telling me to please mind the gap between the train and the platform. What a kind reminder, huh? To keep me from falling to my death? I’d like to challenge my local public transportation here to do the same. Or perhaps I should challenge them to go a day without a breaking down? Ugh.

I miss London.

4 thoughts on “Blogtober (Redux) #30: Mind the Gap.

    1. Lol – that photo was from Pinterest. 🙂 I wanted something to illustrate how I felt about the announcement from the loudspeaker. 🙂 I don’t remember seeing the Caution Gap signs though, but like you said, they may there when I visit again.

      1. They haven’t started painting the new signs, yet, but I have a feeling they will always announce “Mind the Gap!” 🙂

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