This Square Peg, Can You Hear Me?

The title’s reference is from here. If you’re a fan, allow me to welcome you into my heart forever. If you’re a superfan, allow me to move in with you because we’re officially besties.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it, since we chatted? And I’d like to imagine that my readers are in a wooded glen somewhere, like Yentl, asking if I can hear you. (Ah, this imagination of mine.) Yes, I can hear you, and yep, I’m here. Life gets in the way. The strange desire to not write or type a thing gets in the way. Planning for a European adventure that begins tomorrow gets in the way.

Hey, y’all.


Yes, dear reader, three months after gallivanting around Germany and England, I’m headed back to Europe, this time to France. I fly out tomorrow evening and will be in Paris for about 8 days. (Seriously, y’all, jump on travel deals like there’s no tomorrow. More on that in another post.) This time, however, I’m going with two dear friends and I look forward to the fun that will be had, as well as the wine I intend to ingest while there. (I’ve been craving wine lately. So weird. I’m basically a teetotaler when it comes to alcohol, but when I want it, I wants it.) Add hot, French croissants to that list of intentions, and you can kiss my good eating regimen goodbye. Worth it, though. While I’m there and if WiFi doesn’t act up, I’ll be documenting my Frenchie adventures (such as how to recall all that French I’ve lost as the years passed me by) on TSP. Read along, won’t you?

Anywho, other than planning and putting off packing until tonight (as I do), and other life stuff, of course, I remain here. What have you been up to?


4 Replies to “This Square Peg, Can You Hear Me?”

  1. Hi Mademoiselle,

    Please, take me with you, I’ll fit nicely in your suitcase or backpack or laptop bag or whatever. 😀

    Lol @ “I wants it” Hot French croissants sounds so divine.

    Well since you asked, I am battling with the symptoms of a bad cold, spent most of the day sniffing my brains back into my skull. I need my bed ASAP!

    I look forward to reading posts about the Great Frenchie Adventure (GFA). Have lots of fun!

    1. Bonjour, mademoiselle! I sincerely hope you feel better soon. And, yes, please feel free to hop in the old backpack. (I’m actually using one as my carry-on. Talk about nostalgia. I haven’t one of those since 9th grade! 😁) I look forward to writing the GFA posts. Thank in advance for reading! 😊😘

  2. People always tell me I travel a lot. It’s true, but not to the destinations that I really want to get to. I can’t believe I still haven’t been across the pond, and France ranks highly on my list! I’m happy for you but I’ll be reading your posts with green eyes. 😉 Safe travels and bon appetit!

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