Products from Heaven: Body Condish, Skincare, & Other Lovely Tings.

First off, how’s the summer going for y’all? Melted yet? (Well, hopefully not or you wouldn’t be reading this post, would you? I’m here all night, folks.) As you know, I live in the Lone Star State and I’m here to report that the heat has thoroughly gone ham, Defcon 12, all of it. So wherever you are, just lounge in a pool somewhere and then lounge inside AC because being outside for long periods (really, any length of time over a minute) is not it.

But being outside and leaving the house are things we have to do–although short of spending a bit of time with friends, heading into the office once or twice a week, and living at Target, I’m not doing that much leaving–and I’m on a new kick to smell like a sea of roses and peonies whenever I do. What do I mean? I was mentioning to my Mom the other day that fragrances don’t seem to last long on my skin. I get in the shower, wear perfume, all of that, but I want those scents to linger, you know? As I was perusing the aisles in Target the other day, I came across a product that intrigued me.

The Product: Olay Rinse-off Body Conditioner with Shea Butter

It dawned on me after as I mulled over the product that we condition our hair for that softness, extra nourishment, etc., – why not the body? And where have I been that I was seeing body conditioner for the first time? Have y’all heard about it or been into it? Also, I remembered seeing TikToks with ladies discussing the extra steps they take in cleansing their bodies to achieve that lasting scent, among other things, and this is the main thing I wanted to achieve. Perhaps this product would help. All in all, I was excited to try it. I also liked what the product offered: skin conditioning, extra moisturization, and lasting hydration. All awesome things, especially for this summerxinfinity we’re having.

The Results: y’allllll. First of all, as soon as the product–a creamy texture–touched my skin, I instantly felt the softness. Just like washing your hair, after showering, you take the product and apply it over the skin and then rinse off. I immediately loved how my skin felt. And then result #2, which was the point of it all: throughout the day, I could smell that sweet shea butter aroma on me. It stayed on me, was lingering–all the things I was looking for. Not roses and peonies (not yet, anyway; I’ll be buying different products), but still a fresh, sweet, aromatic journey through the day.

The Recommendation: if you want extra softness to the skin and a personally aromatic add to the atmosphere, definitely check this product out. If anything, the hydrating feeling I got was everything. I love when my skin feels so soft.

*Extra: check out YouTube videos on how ladies luxuriate their skin. Honestly, my dedication to facial skincare (more on that below) should be the same neck down, beyond just standard showering/bathing. So I’m really getting into that. I’ll report more later.

The Product: The entire TULA skincare line.

A few days after using Tula products, 12/21.

I discovered Tula late last year. While recuperating at home from my tings, I happened upon Tula on social media and watched a ton of videos of gals who professed their love for the product. I’ve always had complexities with my skin: blemishes from waxing (usually my chin and lip area) as well as the standard oily T-zone. From the videos I watched, Tula had a variety of products to meet all those needs. I decided to try it out and purchased one of their standard kits.

The Results: the glow was real. Is real. A friend who was staying with me at the time looked at my face one day and was like, uh, you’re glowing. I was like, for real? For real. My face felt the difference, too, after a few days. I certainly noticed a smoother surface, and as my good friend mentioned, eventually, I saw the glow for myself, too. Blemishes quickly cleared up, as well.

The Recommendation: do your research, of course, and determine what works best for your skin. For me, Tula is it. As I mentioned in my last post, for the past few years, I’ve focused on my skincare as an avenue of self-care. Happy to find a product that my skin loves and wants more of.

Check out these products if you can, and if they work for you. Really, dearest reader, my latest goal is to baby myself. My aunt once mentioned how my mom would only use the best skincare for her little ones back in the day, and how her friends would marvel over the softness of our skin. I think life and busy schedules and all that make that kind of self-care and self-luxuriating difficult, but I intend on making time. We will be returning to the baby skin of yore, I guarantee it.

How do you care for yourself? And again: did y’all know about body conditioner? Share in the comments, won’t you?



4 Replies to “Products from Heaven: Body Condish, Skincare, & Other Lovely Tings.”

  1. First of all, I agree with your friend: you are glowing.

    Secondly, I did not know about body conditioner! However, I will definitely be adding it to my to-try list.

    Third: I too, have been heavily into my skin care. I have the pandemic and maskne to thank for that (remind me to text you photos of how bad my skin was during the time I was working at the group home and had to double-mask every day for 10-12 hours a day… in the summer heat). I’ve found that the line that works best for me is Dermalogica. My skin loves it. I’ve also become quite religious about my morning and night routines (which are different because I’m targeting different things at each time of the day).

    I do have a follow-up question for you, though: can you share a bit about your experience with waxing? Years ago, I used to do my eyebrows. I think I’ve only done my chin once or twice in my life, but recently I’ve been thinking about going back to waxing (not just for my face but other areas of my body). What’s your experience with it been like? Any tips you can share with someone who’s considering it?

    1. First: thank you. 🙂

      2: It really has become my new favorite thing to try, the body condish. Definitely get a hold of it if you can.

      3: My skin LOVES Dermalogica. It was actually the first product I tried when I began my serious skincare journey a few years ago. And yes, the morning and night routines are definitely different! I love the layering of products, much like I do with my hair.

      4: Waxing has been my facial go-to hair removal choice for over 20 years. At first, my skin (which has many areas of sensitivity) reacted not great to the hot wax. Now, I’ve identified areas that don’t even need waxing and I tell the esthetician that before she begins. I wax my entire face (search for “wax” in my posts where I discuss why at length haha), at least every 4 weeks, that includes the brows, chin, etc. I like it and it actually helped me to pay better attention to my skin because I started also targeting areas that were susceptible to blackheads after waxing, doing more exfoliating, etc. So I say go for it.

  2. I love this! Smelling good and feeling soft are little things that just make you feel so good and special, even if no one else ever has the chance to experience the fruits of said labor! Lol!

    I’ve become obsessed with scent and things for the past few years and learning different techniques to make scent linger is definitely intriguing.

    In answer to the question I’ve tried conditioners and agree with you! I don’t use them as often as I could but they’re great!

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