GIF It Up, GIF It Up.

I figured I’d write a ton of paragraphs to describe how life has been so far, but I type all day. And though I’m not complaining about typing all day, I love GIFs, so let’s tell the story a different way, shall we?

And hi! Are you good?


But I did, Katy Perry. Again. Yes, dear reader, after months of excessive-to-the-point-of-concern shedding (more on that later), to the point of clumps of my hair in my palm, I wondered what I was holding on to. I have no issues cutting things off, quite literally, if they aren’t bringing any value into my life. So, I started with a tapered cut and ended with my current buzz cut/fade, which I heartily enjoy.


I did. After several months of not feeling my best physically, dear reader (since mid-2020), it was clear that something wasn’t right. I mentioned my hair above. Seeing the state of my hair–limp, dead, weak–was a major clue that something wasn’t right on the inside. And it wasn’t all physical; my mental health, with everything happening, was suffering. I had many long and teary nights, believe me.

So, I met with doctors and medical professionals and prayerfully and eventually, took care of these issues. And then I embarked on an extended break. It was more than necessary. Much needed physical and emotional rest and rejuvenation. I implore you, especially any woman reading this: listen to your body and listen to your mind. Do your research. If interventions can happen and you feel comfortable with them, please. Go for it. On top of everything, shaving my head was also an intervention for me. I felt strong and new. I needed it. It’s just so much more than hair. Do your thing. Do all the things.

So, yeah, those two GIFs pretty much sum up these past two months for me. #2 is really the main thing, and everything kind of surrounded that. I have much gratitude.

Tell me how you’re doing in the comments, won’t you?


4 Replies to “GIF It Up, GIF It Up.”

  1. Oh I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling well for so long! You brought us so many amazing volumes of story during that time which was so beautiful of you – thank you. I’m so happy you’ve been taking time to restore yourself and refresh yourself mentally, physically and otherwise.

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