Fabu Fashion: Shower Power.

Hey, y’all. Y’all good? It’s been a while since we chatted about style and clothes. Probably because none of us really dressed up for the past 2 or so years? Could be. This past weekend, we had a bridal shower for a good friend of mine. Here’s what I wore… …But wait: why couldn’t I …


Le Fro: Updates.

Here’s how the Le Fro is doing as of this past weekend, in my continuing efforts to grow out my hair and not eye the ✂️: Frowth. Curls galore, no? We love to see it. And this is actually a two-day wash-and-go courtesy of my stylist and good friend, who provided me with a nice, …


Photo credit: This Square Peg. Words: my own Photo snapped while on an invigorating walk this past weekend in my favorite park. Happy Thursday and Happy Autumn. 🍁🍂🌳