Products from Heaven: Body Condish, Skincare, & Other Lovely Tings.

First off, how's the summer going for y'all? Melted yet? (Well, hopefully not or you wouldn't be reading this post, would you? I'm here all night, folks.) As you know, I live in the Lone Star State and I'm here to report that the heat has thoroughly gone ham, Defcon 12, all of it. So …


Le Fro: Updates.

Here’s how the Le Fro is doing as of this past weekend, in my continuing efforts to grow out my hair and not eye the ✂️: Frowth. Curls galore, no? We love to see it. And this is actually a two-day wash-and-go courtesy of my stylist and good friend, who provided me with a nice, …


Photo credit: This Square Peg. Words: my own Photo snapped while on an invigorating walk this past weekend in my favorite park. Happy Thursday and Happy Autumn. 🍁🍂🌳