Hey, y’all. Thought I’d pop in—because that’s what we’re doing these days, apparently, based on the last time I visited you here on TSP, but you love me anyway—and give you the official greeting of all fall lovers.

And this, too.

But, yes, we reached the official start of autumn in September and despite the short days and often too dark nights, it truly is my favorite season. I feel creatively alive this time of year. And since creativity for me can be temperamental (much like, cough, me), I’ll take it whenever there’s some motivation to be had.

So, pull out those boots (see below), scarves, and glasses you need to see those orange moons because you’re near-sighted like me, and enjoy it.

Boots: check. Coat: check. Scarf: check. Trees/leaves brimming with vivid hues and shades: check, check. (Mom’s shadow taking the pic: check. 💜

Tell me what you look forward to during this season. I’ll come back this week and share a few autumn promises with y’all.

Onwards and autumn-wards.


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