Fabu Fashion #1: Casual Friyay

The “yay” is intentional. I’m just happy it’s the end of the week. *exhale*

I decided to start the Fabu Fashion week feature today, since I had my iPhone with me in my usual studio (the ladies room) and decided to snap a few photos. Warning: you’ll be seeing a lot of this studio in the coming days, as it has the best lighting. Well, it’s the lesser of two evils when it comes to lighting; the other ladies loo resembles the inner sanctum of a comic book villain, it’s so dark. I digress. Naturally. Here we go.

No, that’s not an enormous pimple you’re seeing to the right of my lip. The mirror had a pesky smudge.



Simple choices for a casual Friday at the OK Corral: black jeans, one of my favorite blouses, flats, and red lipstick to bring a little color in.


Pants – Forever 21
Blouse – I honestly don’t remember. But if you’d like to know why I can’t remember, take note of that gray curl in the last picture above my right ear. There you go.
Shoes – see above. I think it was DSW though.
Lippy: Sephora Cream Lip Stain, Always Red. What I love about this lip stain is that it goes on silky and light, and dries matte. So perfect.

That’s that for Fabu Fashion. Wherever you are this Friyay, I bid you a good day and a bon weekend.


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