Fabu Fashion Thursday.

Hi there. So this week, my plan was to wear clothes that actually fit. Since I’ve been losing weight for the past few months, a number of my tried and true choices are starting to look like someone is playing a prank on me and sabotaging my outfits. (No one is, by the way, for my fellow paranoids and conspiracy theorists.) In other words, my clothes are too big. Of course, you will hear no complaints from me, really, concerning that; I’d rather my clothes be too big than the other way around. But quite honestly, the sloppy/slovenly look is never appealing, no matter how much I kind of enjoy hoisting up my pants because they’re slipping down. Anyway, the goal this week: to shop in my closet for clothes that I had long abandoned because of how super tight snug they were and to try them now. I wish I would have documented the entire week for you, actually, now that I think about it.

SN: Next week, every day will Fabu Fashion Week. I’ll pic daily for a mini-feature on what I’m wearing and my continuing mission not to look like Stevie Nicks’ younger sister (although that wouldn’t be bad at all, because I’m obsessed with her). It’ll also be a chance to stick with my goal since I’ll be accountable to the few of you who support This Square Peg. (Endless kisses, by the way.)

Back to today.


You like? I do. Pretty simple, which is how I roll most of the time; a nice combination of work casual. Basically, though, I’m happy to report that the pants fit great. I didn’t have to do any hoisting, that’s for sure.

Deets, if you’re interested:

Awesome Pants that Fit – Ross

Cute polka dot blouse – gifted to me by Mom. (By the way, it’s large and it’s loose! That has never happened to yours truly!)

Jacket – Sears. Look don’t sleep on the Sears dinosaur. When I went in last week, I was pleasantly surprised by the chic dressy/work casual options I saw. I’m not putting it on the list of places I’ll race to, but it was nice to confirm that it’s a viable option when shopping.

That’s it for this Fabu Fashion Thursday. What are you wearing, dears?


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