Photo courtesy of Instagram, via @thewraplife

Chair goals.

Book shelf goals.

Head wrap goals.

Recreating-this-photo-in-my-apartment-one-day goals.

I mean. Come on. For a proud melanin lady who loves books and sitting on her growing derrière (thank you, squats) and red lippy, this photo is everything.

Incidentally, yesterday was National Book Lovers Day. I certainly hope you celebrated by sniffing some books and delighting in the sweet aromas of imagination and words. If not, fellow bookworm, you know that we don’t need a day set aside to celebrate our love: every day is National Book Lovers Day.

Here’s to beloved library cards and paying off all those fines. Speaking for myself, of course.

(Thanks for the tag, TB!)

Fabu Fashion Tuesday: It’s *Springtime.

*Which means the weather is wildly inconsistent.

Nevertheless, since today is a good weather day (sunny, mid 80s), I decided to dress for the occasion. Away we go.


If you can’t tell, that’s a peplum top. I paired it with my favorite black blazer (Sears; don’t sleep on Sears) because the OK Corral keeps the temperature at Ice Queen levels and I’m cold all the time. (My mother claims it’s because I’ve worked all the “meat” off my body. She has a way with words.) Anyway, as you know, I love my peplum and recently excitedly chose this this top at a swap party that I had with some friends a few months ago. (Clothes swap parties are truly everything. One day, I’ll actually arrive with items to swap instead of greedily snatching things up.) The pants are from Old Navy. They’re a bit loose, but whatever. They’re red. I heart them so. I bought them last year and remembered last night that they were waiting for me in my closet. The snazzy, shiny flats are courtesy of Mom, who still wonders aloud about how I basically just commandeered her shoes. My “what’s mine is yours and what’s yours in mine” reply isn’t really working. That awesome necklace came from The Avenue and boasted a sale price that had me grinning from sun-up to sundown.



Regarding the make-up, as asterisk springtime dawns on our area, I’ve been dabbling with lighter colored lippies. (No worries; my beloved and tried-and-true Ruby Woo knows I have other relationships.) So far, the one I’m one wearing here makes me very happy, more than the rest: Made You Pink Balm Stain by Wet n Wild. It’s a nice, lovely color for the office, I think, and I love the way it looks against my melanin. Regarding the hair: ta da, She’s back. (She is my hair, because anything that temperamental needs a pronoun, no?) As you saw, I wore crochets for the longest, and then followed that style with a new crochet look. Now we’re back to Her, but still protected in a neat cornrow updo/bun. I plan on protective styling it until mid-summer.

So there we go, another simple ensemble for Fabu Fashion.

How’s the weather where you are? Any old favorites or new favorites (lippy, styles, hair) you’re rocking right about now?

Fabu Fashion Monday: Poncho, Please.

Let me tell you about the last time I wore a poncho, which was sometime in the early 2000s: quite unnerved by the lack of actual sleeves, I wore it once and stuffed it somewhere in my drawer after ripping it off at the end of the evening. Yes, folks, my name is This Square Peg, and I openly admit to being freaked out by the non-sleeves of a poncho. But that was then. Girls become women, and non-sleeves grow less terrifying.


I snagged this poncho a week ago at Rugged Wearhouse, a local store I’m newly obsessed with and mentioned here. Despite the unfortunate store name (rugged? wearhouse? just no), this place has some of the chicest finds in all the land. And dare I say it, that poncho above, with its faux leather lining and those patterns, had me drowning in le chic. I wore it a ladies lunch that I was invited to and paired it with black skinny jeans and a pair of clunky boots. By the way, have I mentioned how much I love a twistout and red lips?


Black, white, twists, and red. Can’t beat it.

Anywho, I fell so in love with the poncho that I took it along with me this past longish weekend to Arizona, where I headed to visit my beloved cuzzo. After she informed me that the weather there was actually cool (no kidding; while we shivered in the cool temperatures, it was 75 degrees here in Somewheres, VA), I threw that thing right in my suitcase and wore it again for an evening out in Phoenix.

All in all, good times were had with my dear new poncho, and there was hardly a non-sleeves panic attack in sight.

Are you a lover of the poncho, too?

Fabu Fashion #1: Casual Friyay

The “yay” is intentional. I’m just happy it’s the end of the week. *exhale*

I decided to start the Fabu Fashion week feature today, since I had my iPhone with me in my usual studio (the ladies room) and decided to snap a few photos. Warning: you’ll be seeing a lot of this studio in the coming days, as it has the best lighting. Well, it’s the lesser of two evils when it comes to lighting; the other ladies loo resembles the inner sanctum of a comic book villain, it’s so dark. I digress. Naturally. Here we go.

No, that’s not an enormous pimple you’re seeing to the right of my lip. The mirror had a pesky smudge.



Simple choices for a casual Friday at the OK Corral: black jeans, one of my favorite blouses, flats, and red lipstick to bring a little color in.


Pants – Forever 21
Blouse – I honestly don’t remember. But if you’d like to know why I can’t remember, take note of that gray curl in the last picture above my right ear. There you go.
Shoes – see above. I think it was DSW though.
Lippy: Sephora Cream Lip Stain, Always Red. What I love about this lip stain is that it goes on silky and light, and dries matte. So perfect.

That’s that for Fabu Fashion. Wherever you are this Friyay, I bid you a good day and a bon weekend.