Fabu Fashion Tuesday: It’s *Springtime.

*Which means the weather is wildly inconsistent.

Nevertheless, since today is a good weather day (sunny, mid 80s), I decided to dress for the occasion. Away we go.


If you can’t tell, that’s a peplum top. I paired it with my favorite black blazer (Sears; don’t sleep on Sears) because the OK Corral keeps the temperature at Ice Queen levels and I’m cold all the time. (My mother claims it’s because I’ve worked all the “meat” off my body. She has a way with words.) Anyway, as you know, I love my peplum and recently excitedly chose this this top at a swap party that I had with some friends a few months ago. (Clothes swap parties are truly everything. One day, I’ll actually arrive with items to swap instead of greedily snatching things up.) The pants are from Old Navy. They’re a bit loose, but whatever. They’re red. I heart them so. I bought them last year and remembered last night that they were waiting for me in my closet. The snazzy, shiny flats are courtesy of Mom, who still wonders aloud about how I basically just commandeered her shoes. My “what’s mine is yours and what’s yours in mine” reply isn’t really working. That awesome necklace came from The Avenue and boasted a sale price that had me grinning from sun-up to sundown.



Regarding the make-up, as asterisk springtime dawns on our area, I’ve been dabbling with lighter colored lippies. (No worries; my beloved and tried-and-true Ruby Woo knows I have other relationships.) So far, the one I’m one wearing here makes me very happy, more than the rest: Made You Pink Balm Stain by Wet n Wild. It’s a nice, lovely color for the office, I think, and I love the way it looks against my melanin. Regarding the hair: ta da, She’s back. (She is my hair, because anything that temperamental needs a pronoun, no?) As you saw, I wore crochets for the longest, and then followed that style with a new crochet look. Now we’re back to Her, but still protected in a neat cornrow updo/bun. I plan on protective styling it until mid-summer.

So there we go, another simple ensemble for Fabu Fashion.

How’s the weather where you are? Any old favorites or new favorites (lippy, styles, hair) you’re rocking right about now?


5 Replies to “Fabu Fashion Tuesday: It’s *Springtime.”

  1. Hi,

    You look lovely. I love the splash of colour, at first I didn’t notice the peplum detail of your blouse till you mentioned it. I have wine-red pants and I’ve been meaning to make a bright red pencil skirt, I saw one on my colleague and she looked so nice.

    Lol @ I’ve worked all the “meat” off my body” Ah! Mothers My mum drops subtle hints when she feels I’ve lost too much weight, she’ll make comments like “Hmmm, I love it when your body looks womanly”.

    Indeed, Queen Ruby Woo knows that we love her the mostest, so she feels secure even when we stray now and then. Love the chic updo. Your brows are nicely defined, mine look neglected at the moment.

    These days, the weather here in Lagos is blindingly hot, it’s at the level of heat that makes mere mortals (excluding me, of course) burst into tears. 🙂

    1. Hi there,

      Hahaha! Yes, while the other mere mortals (excluding me, of course) suffer from the abrupt weather changes over here (mid 80s yesterday, cold, rainy and 60s today), I pretend like there’s consistency in the air.

      Re: my brows, thank you. They’re temperamental and grow at the kind of werewolf rate that I’ve known since puberty, so I love when my lady can tame them and shape them nicely.

      Thank you. And had me at bright red pencil skirt. Please do and share photos of it. 😍

      Yes, our moms are something else. 😂 I’m reminded of working all the meat off and cautioned not to lose my shapely legs. Other Ghanaian friends also tell her to tell me to basically stop working out. Hahaha. By the way, when I don’t go to the gym, I’m asked what happened to my exercise schedule. 😂😂😂😂😂

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