Fabu Fashion #5: Casual Friyay Redux (And a Silent Video)

We’ve come to the end of our Fabu Fashion Week. After these few days of showing you what I’m wearing, I trust that you’ve come to realize that:

  1. I’m basically a simple gal when it comes to fashion. (Perhaps if I lived in my Parisian apartment and was married to you-know-who during the week, you would see endless caftans and golden sandals. Sigh. To sleep, perchance to dream.)
  2. I’m a believer in hoop earrings. Seriously, look at my earrings in this week’s photos. There’s a theme.
  3. I obviously need a job where I have my own office so I can selfie it up behind closed doors and not in ladies loos. (It occurred to me that I could have snapped these photos at home before coming to work, but I’m barely making it in the morning. I literally wake up when I step into the office, and I venture that you do, too.)
  4. I need to buy stock in Ross.
  5. I love dresses. I really do. There’s nothing like a cute dress.
  6. We’ll definitely do this again.

So…drum roll, please…because I love you and because it’s FriYAY, I made my very first video for This Square Peg! I wanted to show you what I was wearing in real time. So because it’s very brief and I say nothing in the vid, it’s This Square Peg’s first silent film. Enjoy. 

Do you love?! I obviously do. Of course, because we live in a world of color, below are some pics of my casual Friyay fashion.


As you can see, light blouse (Ross), Skinnies (you’ve seen them before), and a pair of snazzy sandals I picked up last summer. And no hoop earrings. Imagine that. Also wanted to show off the back of the blouse, which I just adore.

Happy Friyay, ya’ll. Thanks for tuning in this week.


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