Blogtober #2: October.

Late entry this Saturday eve. It was a long work day and then this lady fell into a hard nap after work. I’m sure you’ll agree that naps hit different when you’re not 12 anymore. I basically slept. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Yesterday, I mentioned that October is my favorite month. Here are four reasons why:

1. My dear Ma gave birth to me in the month of October.

2. There’s something about the name of the month itself that I find pleasing to the ear. Phonics. October.

3. Back in Somewheres, VA, my hometown, autumn flourished during October; the trees bore endless shades of violent and burnt orange, the air was so crisp and lovely. It was unbearably beautiful.

4. October reminds me of James Taylor, my favorite singer-songwriter. Listen to his song Walking Man. Goodness. If the melancholy of autumn was ever put to song…

Your favorite thing about fall? Or your favorite month? I await you in the comments.


4 Replies to “Blogtober #2: October.”

  1. I love fall weather. That mixture between cool and warm. The way it’s breezy in the shadows but still toasty in the sun! I love fall because I can finally wear my favorite accessories -scarves, boots, jackets, fun tights – without being asked if I’m ill! Pumpkin spice lattes!!! Crunchy leaves!!

  2. Hello! I came across your blog by browsing the Blogtober tags. Only a couple of posts in reading, but I wanted to leave a comment about looking forward to reading more. PLUS, since October is my birthday month too, I had to send you a “happy birthday!”.

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