things i currently need #3 (Blogtober #14)














1. That coat is everything and I need it in my closet for fall.
2. That book is everything and I need it on my bookshelf.
3. I feel like that’s the same face, huh? He keeps showing up on my Pinterest feed. So I feel like I need to have lunch with him forever? Because he’s everything? Sheesh.


About your Author. (Blogtober #13)

So why do you love autumn so much?
There’s something about that crisp, fall breeze that fills me with hope. It just makes me want to pursue my goals.

You do realize that things are dying in the fall? To prepare for winter?quoteballoons
Yeah, I know.

It just seems weird to put an entire season on a pedestal.
Any more questions, though?

All right. What made you want to become a writer?
I was–and still am–a voracious reader. There was something about stories that called out to me; I wanted more than just reading. I wanted to participate somehow. I think my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Chrytzer, recognized that when she told me I could become a writer. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been surrounded by stories since birth. I think becoming a writer was inevitable.

Some of your favorite authors?
Langston Hughes, Alice Hoffman, Harper Lee, Flannery O’Connor, O. Henry, Alice Walker, Billy Shakespeare, the list goes on and on and on.

I can see that.
You’re kinda snarky, huh?

Well, I’m you, so…
Can we move on?

Fine, then. What’s with this Square Peg thing?
Fitting in has never been my thing. Even when I wanted to fit in and tried to, I always managed to do things a bit differently. This blog is about embracing that. And discussing a few things that interest me. Plus, I’m square and nerdy and it’s all good.

So, you’re just super confident, huh?
Every day is an exercise in becoming more and more confident with who I am. But no one is 100% confident.

I beg to differ. What about Lupita? 
We all struggle. Even my beloved Lupita must have bad days.

Nah, she doesn’t.
Yeah, you’re right.

Where do you live?
In the Washington DC area.

What’s your government name?

This is the Interwebs. People can get that information.
Sure, just not from me.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Why not?
Ask my Mom. She has plenty to say about that topic.

Ok. How come you never talk about your day job on here? In fact, why do you call it the OK Corral?
Read about the Gunfight at the OK Corral here. Everyday is a battle between Adult Me and Other Adult Me Who Wants to Run Screaming in The Other Direction.

Yeah, I love it just that much.

What’s your dream job?
An independently wealthy travel writer/novelist.


All right, it was nice getting to know a bit about you. I guess you want to run outside and play in a pile of dead leaves now?
Don’t you ever change, you silly thing.

Leaving Las Vegas. (Blogtober #11)




I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Typically, when vacations end and I’m on a plane about to head back home, I nurse that melancholy, vacay-is-over-back-to-work-help-me feeling. Reason #1,097,012 why I need to quit my job, gain some kind of independent wealth, and just travel the world and write. Anyway, I’ve decided, as I wait for liftoff, to focus on the positives of this grand trip.

1. I went to a place I’ve never been before. This Square Peg loves that. There’s nothing like a travel adventure in a brand new place.

2. I was with friends that are more like family. No further explanation necessary, other than saying that these people are infinitely loved.

3. Bucket lists. I can cross the following off, which were high on the list: seeing the majesty of the Grand Canyon, taking in the endless lights on the Vegas strip, and watching the waters of the Bellagio fountains shoot up into the sky. The Hoover Dam wasn’t on the list, but certainly gets an honorable mention.

4. The airport. Have I expressed how fascinating airport terminals are to me? So shiny and filled with places that will marvelously ruin diets. The terminal is everything.

There’s a lot more to appreciate about this awesome trip, but I’ll leave you with those. Thanks for following me along as I spent a few autumn days in this desert town.

Autumn in Vegas: Chill. (Blogtober #10)

On this, our final full day in Las Vegas, we visited the home of my bestie’s niece and enjoyed a hearty dinner with her family. I am full, content, and slightly melancholy at my vacation ending tomorrow. But the end of a vacation means another should come soon, right? Plus, I made a new friend.



Meet Nino. Lover of soft hugs and food that happens to falls onto the ground. Perhaps I’ll miss him most of all.

Autumn in Vegas: All of the Lights (And those Fountains) (Blogtober #9)

We made it to the Vegas strip this evening.

We saw the amazing lights and the enormous hotels bearing the names of Trump and Caesar.

We saw all kinds of sights, saw all kinds of interesting people, and tried very hard to avoid the Chewbacca impersonator who was slinking his way toward us.

What clinched this experience, however, was strolling through the beautiful Bellagio hotel and standing before its indescribable fountains. As classical music punctured the dramatic ascension of the waters into the evening sky, I held my breath and may have promised myself that I would fall in love someday at that very spot. (I may have also thought of Brad Pitt standing before those fountains during the finale of Ocean’s Eleven.) It really was everything.