Autumn Promises. (#2)

(Feel free to read the first batch of promises here.)

Dear Autumn,

I promise to not blame you when the things I hope for during your autumnal months don’t come through. After all,
your crunchy leaves and orange moon can’t really wring people/things/goals into action, can they?

I promise to do something about my habit of purchasing pea coats that are three sizes too big. You deserve better than that.

I promise to travel. (That’s a year-round thing, but absolutely during you, my favorite season.) lateOctober

I promise to read actual books this fall. Not e-books. Actual books that require the sweet turning of pages. I’ve grown too comfortable.

I promise to not treat September and November as my autumnal red-headed stepchildren. October is not the sole reason to enjoy this season. (Even though it’s my favorite month.)

I promise to enjoy your crisp mornings along with good friends and my faith.

I promise not to snicker at all the sour-faced kids trudging towards school.

I promise another Blogtober.

I promise to enjoy the dwindling moments of your sister, summer, and not clench my fists when she overstays her welcome during days that long for your cool touch.

I promise to not give in to pumpkin spice lattes. Sorry, Starbucks. Just no.

I promise to get myself to a place with hillsides and meadows and golden winding roads, where I can see you in full measure.

I promise to remember that your darkness is not infinite–merely a chance to remember that there are stars and a moon above my head.


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