Autumn Promises (#4)

Dear Autumn,

This morning, as I took my daily walk, I was immediately transfixed by the cool breezes awaiting me. With the bipolarity of the atmosphere here in Texas, I stopped short of fully declaring that it was finally fall, finally you (especially since it will be 90 degrees tomorrow, goodness), but I embraced your autumnal morning for what it was and walked happily in it. So, thank you for that. Of course, I then was reminded of the promises I tend to make during this time of year (past promises are here, here, and here), so let’s go over a few.

I promise not to allow 2020 to dim my wonder of welcoming another autumn. This year royally stinks, but it’s still fall, my absolute favorite season, and you’re worth seeing as you are and not through the lenses of this very disappointing year.

I promise to drown in vanilla-flavored chais and delicious carbohydrates without feeling one ounce of guilt and imagining the bursting into flames of my overused check card.

I promise to seriously consider participating in Blogtober this year. (We’ll see; it’s been a long year and it’s only been nine months. Le sigh.)

I promise to do some creative writing. It’s been a while. (Le sigh #2.)

I promise to officially announce that I got a promotion at the j-o-b! This is the official announcement. I’ll discuss further in another post but 1,000 yays for entering autumn with this personal and professional milestone.

I promise to…well, it’s not easy to hope. I’ll try.

I promise to not spend every day looking like a bum. Honestly, other than dressing up for my weekly Zoom worship meetings, I’ve been walking around this house like a lunatic.

Are you nursing any autumnal goals? Please share.


4 Replies to “Autumn Promises (#4)”

  1. Congratulations on your promotion!! That’s big!! And I need to work on not looking like a bum on the daily on the daily either!

    This fall I don’t currently have any goals but I want to set some. I know I’m going to be in hibernation mode for sure but I do want something productive to come out of it being that this year has not been that productive for me

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