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So I went to Pinterest a few weeks ago to get some ideas for my next protective style. As you know, I’ve been protective styling it more often than not, ever since my crochets in February. After deciding that I wanted some cornrows, I eventually descended into the sweet Pinterest rabbit hole, where you dig deeper and deeper into photos and inspiration until voilà and Eureka, you find it. And I found it. These two ‘dos caught my eye:

Basically, cornrows are braided on the sides and then fed into the braiding style in the middle. A braidhawk, if you will. Well, my eyes got really, really big and starry and I decided that I’d go this way next. After making an appointment with a braider that my mom likes to go to (not only is she super affordable but she provides the hair, which keeps me from getting lost in the rabbit hole of hair stores), I got my ‘do done this past Thursday. Here it is, dear reader:


Needless to say, I love it almost as much as sliced bread. (I remain bread’s humble servant, so…) She did exactly what I wanted and I adore the look. I chose to have Senegalese twists in the middle, by the way. Also, I said nothing specific about length and she kept right on braiding, so the braids currently reach my derrière. I would post a standing shot so you can see the full length, but my pants were a bit too loose that morning (it was early, ok?), and you don’t need to see all of that. Anywho, trust me when I say that I’m basically sitting on them. Something certainly new for This Square Peg: I tend to get my braids mid-back and safe, not too attention grabbing, especially with working in the corporate world. But yay for changes and not worrying about all of that.

Here’s to Pinspirations and rabbit holes and women with the power to do amazing things for our hair.


2 Replies to “Pinspirations.”

  1. This style is so intricate, I really like it, suits you beautifully too.

    Lol @ sweet Pinterest rabbit hole” I do know what you mean, Pinterest is like a bottomless pit of inspiration, it’s become my favorite social media platform. I think Instagram is overrated, but I’m starting to like it too ( I admitted that reluctantly).

    Right now, my hair is in chunky feed-in braids, that sort with cornrows all going to the back.

    Derrière length sounds fun. Amen to trying new things! 😀

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed that style, as well. At present, I’m back to the ‘fro and my old favorite, two strand twist outs, until the next protective style (next week lol). By the way, I’m sure your chunky feed-ins/cornrows look amazing. I’ll also be trying out that style one of these days.

      Yes, the ole Pinterest is a beloved friend, but it’s also the friend that doesn’t understand that you need to sleep and stop hanging out all the time. LOL. But I love it all the same. 🙂 🙂 (And I feel the same way about IG.)

      Thanks for reading!

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