things i currently need #7

There’s a blizzard a-comin’. My metropolitan area and the rest of the East Coast is expected to receive more than 24 inches of snow starting tomorrow. So without further ado, here’s what I currently need:


You, Seychelles. I need you.


And you, too, Santorini.


Let’s not forget about you, my dear Maldives.


What was that, my sweet Santorini? Come back? Of course I will.

Le sigh. I’ll be thinking of these places–and many lovely others–as endless snow assaults the poor ground and ultimately leads to the worst of enemies: ice. Be safe, wherever you are.

(All photos courtesy of Pinterest.)


4 Replies to “things i currently need #7”

  1. You are hilarious. XD

    I expected a post with a list of warm clothing, comfort food and safety tips (the likes of “how to walk gingerly on ice”).

    Ah! Seychelles I need youuuuuuuu, please be mineeeeeeeee. I wonder why all the gorgeous places have clear, aqua-hued beaches.

    Have a lovely weekend. Stay warm!

    1. Lol, thanks! All this crazy weather merely reminded me that I’ve grown tired of snow, ice, etc. Time for a move. But that’s for another post. 😉 Yes! Isn’t it interesting how all the lovely places share the same scene? To me, it’s emphasis that we just need to make our way over there and stay for an extended period of time. 🙂 Thanks!

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