(See my mother’s list here.)

  1. Passive-aggressiveness. Choose a side and we shall deal accordingly. But you can’t bejustbeinghonest both. I won’t allow it in my presence.
  2. Rudeness. A door shouldn’t shut in my face because you failed to hold it open for me when I was behind you. Wrong on so, so many levels.
  3. Men who let pregnant ladies, elderly ladies, and any other ladies stand while they sit. I know chivalry has a marble headstone somewhere (quite dead), but please. give us a break.
  4. Bosses who give you the most contradictory information regarding what they expect from you. Are you speaking in symbols? Code? Sanskrit? I have no idea what you want from me.
  5. Almond croissants that shamelessly look you in the eye, daring you to purchase them and ruin good eating habits.
  6. Bitter, 15 degree days like today, which are just plain disrespectful.
  7. Bitter, 15 degree days like today, during which the train car taking you to work breaks down at an outside station, after which you and the rest of your fellow disgruntled riders have to wait in cold agony for the next train car to pick you up. (This partly explains the black mood I currently harbor, in case you were wondering.)

By no means the end of what I’m not here for, but we’ll stop here because I’m cold and irritated. Hope you’re having a much better day, dear reader.