How to Survive a Blizzard.

Last Friday, I imagine that a team of meteorologists high-fived each other and whooped giddily into the night. Why? Because all the forecasts and "models" were proven true: a blizzard was expected, and a blizzard came. For the past five days, most of us in the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic have been holed up in [...]

things i currently need #7

There's a blizzard a-comin'. My metropolitan area and the rest of the East Coast is expected to receive more than 24 inches of snow starting tomorrow. So without further ado, here's what I currently need: You, Seychelles. I need you. And you, too, Santorini. Let's not forget about you, my dear Maldives. What was that, my sweet Santorini? [...]

Weekend Vignettes.

I went to NYC this weekend, on a Saturday and back on a Saturday, and visited the Met museum. I met a man who wore humility like a coat. It was refreshing. I froze in NYC and was reminded of my very strong feelings about the city. I said my peace. I think I'm getting [...]