Questions for This Square Peg.

Are you somehow impervious to injury? Is that why there are no band-aids in your house, which caused you to fashion a toilet paper tourniquet when you cut yourself shaving last night?  Why do you think vengeful thoughts when people you smile at don't smile back? You totally pretended he wasn't there, didn't you? Why [...]

This Square Peg: Redux.

Happy first day of November, party people. Did that greeting seem unexcited and blah? Well, blah is the operative word. I posted my feelings about November back on November 1, 2015. Re-posted below for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the redux. ******************************* Blahvember? Ever since I fell in love with autumn (since 1986 when we stepped [...]


As a singleton, invariably, 1) I'm offered someone's murderous son/nephew/cousin/friend/random guy on the street as a potential marriage partner, and 2) I receive plenty of tips and advice about my future marriage. Here are a few of my favorites, along with a bit of commentary. A good marriage consists of two forgivers. I've heard this more than once, [...]

A Conversation.

December: So you're really killing 'em, huh? 16 degrees?  January: Please. After that 75 degree mumbo jumbo you were pulling, I had to remind those chumps that we're in winter. December: Sheesh. Calm down. January: Don't tell me to calm down. You had people wearing shorts in wintertime. Shorts! I mean, are you kidding me? [...]

About your Author.

So how are you? Blah. Yeah, me too. So blah that I forgive you for doing this infernal question and answer thing again. Yeah, you must be really blah to actually be forgiving. Even that bit of sarcasm is ok with me. Sigh. What's wrong, pussycat? I'm blah, but you seem a bit more than [...]


Ever since I fell in love with autumn (since 1986 when we stepped foot on American soil and I experienced my first fall, in case you were wondering), I've wondered about November.  What is this month that pales in comparison to October, my favorite month? It doesn't have the roaring engines of September, when fall [...]