letting go.

No Blogtober this month; the days got away from me. Nevertheless, you will find a revolving autumnal theme with my forthcoming posts. Many of them will be reflective quotes and a bit of commentary. Happy Fall, y'all.


This post is inspired by a very moving and honest post on In My Sunday Best, where blogger Sade openly discusses her experience with relationship rejection. Read it and reflect; I appreciated her candor and discussing the inspiring lessons she learned about herself. As I read it, it reminded me so much of my own …


International Women’s Day

[All quotes derived from Pinterest.] Happy happy happy International Women's Day. Appreciate the women in your life and thank them for their strength, passion, resiliency, and intellect. And above all, don't let a commemorative day dictate things: feel that way about the women in your life (about yourself) every single day.

A Different Prism.

Never mind that he's Mr. Darcy, for heavens sake, so of course he would feel that way about reading, further convincing me that he's perfect. Never mind that. Let's focus on the fact that not only is he a walking dream, but he's also right. Whether powerful novel, evocative story, thrilling poem, thought-provoking essay, or meditative …

play on.

Continuing with our music theme this week. My favorite quote from one of my favorite works by one of my favorite writers.