A Different Prism.


Never mind that he’s Mr. Darcy, for heavens sake, so of course he would feel that way about reading, further convincing me that he’s perfect. Never mind that. Let’s focus on the fact that not only is he a walking dream, but he’s also right.

Whether powerful novel, evocative story, thrilling poem, thought-provoking essay, or meditative blog post–you read and you are left in a daze. Your perspective has changed, your mind and heart are still caught within the confines of what you just read. As a voracious and devoted reader, moments like the latter are both mind-boggling and absolutely fantastic. Because that’s what words are supposed to do.


2 Replies to “A Different Prism.”

  1. Hi Lady,

    “Never mind that he’s Mr. Darcy” Ah! I had the massive-est crush on Colin Firth after watching that particular Pride and Prejudice. Lol

    That aside, he’s a great actor, he always manages to portray the film characters with effortless depth, plus that brit accent is part of the dreamy appeal. 😉

    Yes, he is right, novels are like a form of escape. Words are magical.

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