The Mild African Woman.

My name is This Square Peg, I am an African Woman, and I cannot eat spicy foods. {Moment of silence} It's weird, right? That when I eat anything spicy I see my life flashing before my eyes? It's been like this since I was a wee lass. (Apparently, I'm also Irish.) I have memories of my [...]

Blogtober (Redux) #22: Mild Dispute at the London Eye

     Mild and hilarious. One late afternoon, a few steps away from the London Eye, I gazed at up at the structure. Me: Is it a Ferris wheel? My English Hostess: Of course not. Me: Well, it's round, right? And moves around in a circle? MEH: Well, yes. Me: Doesn't that make it a [...]

The Experience.

As a music lovah, nothing thrills me more than standing in a giant stadium filled with thousands of people, lights, that electric sizzle in the air, and my favorite performer(s) standing on a stage before me. Ever since the 'rents released their sheltering hold on me during those later high school years (oh, it was [...]

difficult names.

When I was a teenager, I lied about my name. True story. (Oh, irony.) My old friends once asked me what my middle initial, "O", stood for. I didn't tell them the truth. I didn't want anyone to know my very African middle name. I had visions of them balking and laughing and eyes widening [...]


Unlike Southern California, it really doesn't rain in West Africa. With the exception of the Harmattan season, where I have sweet memories of my mom gently rubbing lip balm across my lips to protect against the dry, windy weather outside, nothing really disrupted the hot, sunny days back home. Imagine the interesting reaction me and [...]

Mr. Pitt.

Not this Mr. Pitt.                                   This one. I'll refrain from typing too many adjectives about him or going too far with this. Just know that I fell in love with him when I was 15. It was during this scene [...]

About a Boy.

As I stood in line at the café at work and watched one of the employees step over to the espresso machine to whip up a latte for a customer, I thought of him. It was such an interesting time in my life, really, all of it, and he was, by far, the most significant [...]