In this Instagram world, my dear, find the right filter to place on our fractured love. Will it be Hefe or Mayfair? Amaro or Lo-Fi? Endeavor to color us with the sheen of the dreamlike and the sepia and take away the cracked veneer of a love that’s no longer a love at all, but [...]

“can’t start a fire without a spark…”

From the initial strains of that heart-thumping, powerful melody, I feel like becoming a welder, writing three novels in succession, declaring my love to someone underneath their window, and building 100 cabinets. Joy, inspiration, fist-pumping energy--all from the moment that music starts. Although I have many favorites by The Boss, I think this one perfectly [...]

Autumn Promises.

Dear Autumn, I promise to breathe you in when you get here, and I won't mind that you arrive late and stay for just a little while, as you tend to do. I promise to walk outside as much as possible and gaze at those orange moons you prepare for me. I promise to take in [...]

“i was reborn when i was broken…”

As promised. Yesterday, when I heard the opening lyric of my boyfriend's masterful song, "Lifetime," I was immediately reminded of a conversation I had with Laura. Essentially, we discussed how pathos inspires our fiction. Creation comes from chaos. And to be honest, to paraphrase my boyfriend, some of my best work has come from being/feeling broken. Don't [...]