About your Author: Round-Up.

Seriously. Why are we doing this? You don't have a book to promote.  Is that why you think I do this feature? To promote my fiction? What other infernal reason could there be? We've talked about plenty of things via this feature. The weather, working out, health. It's fun. Debatable. Anyway. What's going on? You got [...]

A Different Prism.

Never mind that he's Mr. Darcy, for heavens sake, so of course he would feel that way about reading, further convincing me that he's perfect. Never mind that. Let's focus on the fact that not only is he a walking dream, but he's also right. Whether powerful novel, evocative story, thrilling poem, thought-provoking essay, or meditative [...]

Why Not Me?

I won't get into why I love Mindy Kaling more than you'll ever understand--and I do, I just stinkin' do--but this excerpt (printed in Glamour magazine) from her forthcoming second book of essays, Why Not Me?, (a title that was basically the theme of one of my recent short stories; I may post the whole thing on here soon) is [...]

Favorite Author Spotlight: Flannery O’Connor.

I discovered her in college. I'm surprised we didn't meet earlier, being that--other than my actual home--I lived in the library stacks. I stalked books, really; grabbing whatever my greedy hands could locate on the shelves, investigating, searching, making friends with the Dewey Decimal system. That said, I find it intriguing that in all my library [...]

About your Published Author.

Oh, I caught that. You're published? Yes, indeed. I'd like to happily announce that my second book, a collection of short fiction entitled The Loftiest Thing, has been officially published. *insert primal scream here* Congratulations, you. Wow. You've been working on that thing for an eternity, haven't you? Admittedly, yes, some of the stories have [...]