Fabu Fashion Galore.

First off, thanks to everyone who read, liked, and/or commented on The Wedding and the Web. Sharing is caring, and it’s always my pleasure to share my writing on This Square Peg.

Now. Here’s an assortment of outfits and ensembles I’ve worn in the past few weeks. We said sharing is caring, riiiight? By the way, I don’t have the ability to pat myself off on the back (ask every gym teacher who tried to get me to tumble), but I have to admit: I’m proud of the direction I’m going in with my style. It’s constantly evolving. With the weight loss, I was focused on simply not wearing clothes two sizes too big. Now I’m just having fun with it. Fun is good.


OK, so this blouse is basically my new best friend. Do you see it? That rockin’ zipper on the top? The way it parts in half? I wore it to the OK Corral one day and I was so feeling myself, as one should. Paired it with a pair of pants that actually fit me. Blouse and pants from Rugged Wearhouse, a local store that I’ve been ignoring until now. Yes, it owns me.

Another day at the OK Corral, another selfie session in a well-lit washroom. I loved the simplicity and comfort of this outfit. Lots of gray and black, so I threw on some patterned tights and some sparkly silver and gold flats. Skirt from Dress Barn, blouse from Mom’s Closet of Dreams, and gray sweater from Ross.


You see that African blazer? I tried it on and it fit like a glove and I was poised to put it back because, well, your girl isn’t used to things fitting like a sweet glove and then my good friend basically yelled at the top of her lungs for me to buy it. I’m occasionally obedient, so I did just that. And as you can tell from the smile on my face, I loved it something awful. Got it from a pop-up shop that Zuvaa Marketplace put on a few weekends ago. (What a great idea, huh?) What I love even more is its versatility: I can wear it with a skirt, with jeans, a dress. So for this wonderful, faith-strengthening event that I attended, I paired the blazer with a leather pencil skirt that I scored for a great price from Amazon dot com a few months ago, Jessica Simpson tights, and a pair of booties that I’ve had forever from DSW.

I rarely wear suits to the OK Corral. The dress code is business casual; I tend to stick to simple fare. But on this particular day, I wanted to look like Angela Bower from Who’s the Boss? (Without the massive 80s shoulder pads, of course.) So I wore this pantsuit that I had purchased from Ross some months ago and paired it with a simple blouse. Done and done. The house in Connecticut and the cute, Italian housekeeper would have been nice, though.

Worn for last week’s casual Friyay. Not much to add, other than officially deciding that I’m done with the cheesy hand-on-hip pose.

That’s the rundown for my looks these past few weeks. Onwards, as always…


5 Replies to “Fabu Fashion Galore.”

  1. wow I love your style, very sophisticated and love the splash of colour you add especially the gorgeous blue and orange blazer! And I do love a good animal print of course! Just starting out a blog so looking for inspiration from other people, like the look of you blog so I’m about too follow 🙂

  2. Hello Miss MM,

    You look wonderful, I recall that in earlier posts, you mentioned working towards shedding weight. The results of your efforts are so apparent. Well done.

    I am always very inspired when people are able to find the courage to make things happen for themselves especially when they hold the power to do so.

    “ask every gym teacher who tried to get me to tumble” XD

    Your style is so comfortable and chic, I like the African blazer, it is printastic! I just imagined myself wearing it, paired with skinny jeans, this might be a sign from God that I should sew one for myself. Lol

    Äh! The ‘cheesy hand-on-hip pose’ is my most sophisticated pose, anything spunkier than that would confuse me.

    1. Hello there, Ms. N,

      Thank you so, so much. Yes, I’ve been on this journey for several months now, and I’m finally starting to believe that the hard work and results aren’t a dream. Every day is a challenge (I’m happily married to bread), but onwards and upwards, as they say. 🙂 I appreciate your thoughtful words.

      Ah, yes, it’s time to sew one!! LOL (And printastic is officially a word now.)

      That tried and true pose. Le sigh. My constant issue is what to do with the other hand that isn’t displayed on my hip. Do I put both hands on my hip? Does the other hand disappear around my back so that I seem effortlessly armless? In light of those questions, and similar to what you said, I’ll just stick to what I know. LOL.

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