Dear Solange…

I don’t talk about you a lot on here, which is a bit confusing, being that musically and style-wise and hair-wise, I adore everything about you. Nevertheless, we will lovingly blame Lupita, who fills up a lot of my time and leaves no room for anyone else. But trust that I stalk follow you on Pinterest and everything else you do. Anyway, we’re talking about you now.

You had me at Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams (I still hum “I Decided” at random moments during the day).

You had me at True (seriously, the video for Lovers in the Parking Lot is everything for me).

You had me when you big chopped your hair and returned to natural and completely energized and revitalized your personal style. For real, Solo, when you cut that hair? It was dizzying.

But your wedding this past weekend to Alan Ferguson? The photos of that wedding? I don’t know what to say. No, wait, I do. Your unique take on your nuptials–the style, the artistic touch–was kind of intoxicating. Let’s look again, shall we? (All forthcoming photos courtesy of Vogue.)

Image by Rog Walker Image by Rog Walker Image by Rog Walker

Feast your eyes on that first portrait of Solange in her wedding dress. That hair. That red lippy. Those gold cuffs. That cape. I can’t. And that intriguing yet simple photo on the bottom with the bridal party…

I’m inspired because Solange was simply herself. That was it. There was no overdone anything, no bombastic displays of wedding-ness. It was just elegant and beautiful. That was all. I’m also inspired because in those few daydream-y moments when I’m supposed to be working but I’m looking off into the distance instead and lost in my little world of sunshine and roses and the envisioning of my one-day nuptials fill my head, I never see bombastic displays of wedding-ness. Just a simple dress and an awesome guy and my mother beaming in the front row.

Oh, and did I mention that Solange and her new hubby arrived pre-wedding on bicycles?



Thank you.



5 Replies to “Dear Solange…”

  1. I think the non-conformity spoke to me the most. With weddings nowadays (especially the dresses) being more and more cookie cutter, (strapless, sweet heart neckline, mermaid, blah blah blah) I loved that it was both celebratory, elegant and different without being too (too) weird. (although the groom scares me a bit but that’s another topic altogether)

    I also love her hair (I believe that a brides hair should be her everyday hair with a little more pizzazz or taken up a notch. Like if you are natural, please don’t show up with a weirdoville press n curl or a perm on your wedding day. If you have no hair, like and the outfit she rode on her bike to the ceremony in (albeit with an adjusted neckline).

    I was not crazy about the party dress which she was seen dancing with her son in. That is when I snored.

    But the change from what everyone else does was nice. (Note: I HATE doing what everyone else does. HATE IT!!) But sometimes the over the top and hideous results that come from trying to avoid what everyone else does is also irking.

    So this was Definitely note worthy.

    All in all, i think a simpler approach, lets everyone involved focus on the marriage and not the one day. I loathe the planning, coordinating, deciding, a-year-ahead-weddingdate-because-thats-how-long-its-going-to-take-me-to-figure-out-my-life-and-plan-this-gala-galathough?-because-thats-what-everyone-else-does-and-what-society-dictates.

    As each day passes and this system winds down and my ministry picks up I keep telling myself and God that if its his will for it to happen on this side and if he blesses the efforts of a great person with my same goals and level of busy-ness in his service, then I would be cool with grabbing a nice dress, pressing his nice suit, eviting everyone to the Kingdom hall on a set date and time that the brothers ok and getting it done. I would set the date the week after the brother who studies with us says it will take. Because this thing is about to go boom and we would both sense the urgency that hey, i am busy, but i found an amazing person to finish this work with. So let’s not play, let’s ask the tough questions, lets fall dizzying in love and let’s confirm it before Jehovah and all of those who love us (who has the bigger hall? lol) and then let’s say goodnight. Because we have work to do 🙂

    Solange’s dress just made that idea more concrete in my mind.

    Now getting my mother, father and 6 sisters on board for what I envision is a different story. lol

  2. Lol! Your entire comment for the win. We are in agreement, especially with being unique and different and not getting bogged down in the whole planning thing. Love it.

    Well, I showed my mom the photo of Solange with her fro and her cape dress about 2,000 times (to condition her) and told her to expect my fro in the Kingdom Hall walking down the aisle. She actually agreed with me. So Solange has turned my mother. 🙂 I’m her eldest and she envisions a Diana wedding, yes, but she also gets that I’m not a fru-fru type of gal. That said, we will still be fighting. Hahahaha

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