Because Solange.

Okay, dear Reader, you know I cut my hair.

Well, I cut it again. And again.

After the first cut, I went back to my stylist and asked for another cut, to even things out, and to color it, as well, since the gray hairs were like all these changes are making us nervous so we ’bout to legit multiply. Here’s how it looked after the second cut:

I went with a wine-y, berry color, which may not be evident in these pics but will be soon. Having been red and brown red and burgundy and jet black, I wanted something in the reddish family, but a bit different than the hues I’ve tried before. Fun story: when my stylist washed out the color, it only lifted on my sides and back of my hair. purpleThe middle remained completely unaltered by the color. So…she added a bright purple color all over, hoping that it would aid the lift…and it did. But that bright purple…whew.

So I was happy with the changes.

Or was I?

This past week, I headed home to VA to spend some much-needed time with the Mama and my family. (It was awesome.) While there, I contemplated cutting my hair again. Deep down, although I liked my look, I wasn’t 100% content. Why? What was I looking for?


Stylistically, wedding-y, everything-y, Solange has long been a marvel for my eyes. And I certainly remember my gaspy (new word, just created by me, you’re welcome) reaction to her gorgeous big chop in 2009. It was everything. Do you hear me? Every. Ting. I think she was hiding in my subconscious this whole time, patiently waiting for me to bring her back up and acknowledge that this was the hair destination I was headed to. Because even the other photos I had for inspo were cuts that looked exactly like Solange’s.

Solange inspo.

Interesting, right? Anyway, the previous cut was fine, but there was a fro-hawk-y nature about that middle part of my head, and as much as I love frohawks, I’ve had that look before. I wanted something different. I wanted Solange. I wanted simple, chic, lovely, even–all of what you see above. So, when I had some time while home, I drove to the local Hair Cuttery and asked for my third cut.

With the color and this new look, dear Reader, I believe we have reached Destination: Solange. Or, more importantly, I can 1005 percent say I love my new look. Check it out.

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A few more things:

  1. I need a barber. My stylist is awesome and started this style change rolling, but to maintain this look, I’ll definitely need a professional barber. The search begins.
  2. I love this look.
  3. That’s all.

Have you had this experience? Loved a look but deep down, wanted something more? Shall we meet in the comments below?

Dear Solange…

I don’t talk about you a lot on here, which is a bit confusing, being that musically and style-wise and hair-wise, I adore everything about you. Nevertheless, we will lovingly blame Lupita, who fills up a lot of my time and leaves no room for anyone else. But trust that I stalk follow you on Pinterest and everything else you do. Anyway, we’re talking about you now.

You had me at Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams (I still hum “I Decided” at random moments during the day).

You had me at True (seriously, the video for Lovers in the Parking Lot is everything for me).

You had me when you big chopped your hair and returned to natural and completely energized and revitalized your personal style. For real, Solo, when you cut that hair? It was dizzying.

But your wedding this past weekend to Alan Ferguson? The photos of that wedding? I don’t know what to say. No, wait, I do. Your unique take on your nuptials–the style, the artistic touch–was kind of intoxicating. Let’s look again, shall we? (All forthcoming photos courtesy of Vogue.)

Image by Rog Walker Image by Rog Walker Image by Rog Walker

Feast your eyes on that first portrait of Solange in her wedding dress. That hair. That red lippy. Those gold cuffs. That cape. I can’t. And that intriguing yet simple photo on the bottom with the bridal party…

I’m inspired because Solange was simply herself. That was it. There was no overdone anything, no bombastic displays of wedding-ness. It was just elegant and beautiful. That was all. I’m also inspired because in those few daydream-y moments when I’m supposed to be working but I’m looking off into the distance instead and lost in my little world of sunshine and roses and the envisioning of my one-day nuptials fill my head, I never see bombastic displays of wedding-ness. Just a simple dress and an awesome guy and my mother beaming in the front row.

Oh, and did I mention that Solange and her new hubby arrived pre-wedding on bicycles?



Thank you.