About your Author. (Again? For real?)

Why, oh why, are we doing this again? Oh, you're in rare form today, huh? Have you been living under a rock? It's cold. You can imagine what living in the frozen tundra does to a girl's mood. Hey, I'm cold, too. But I felt like it was time for another chat. Totally disagree. Yeah, [...]


Unlike Southern California, it really doesn't rain in West Africa. With the exception of the Harmattan season, where I have sweet memories of my mom gently rubbing lip balm across my lips to protect against the dry, windy weather outside, nothing really disrupted the hot, sunny days back home. Imagine the interesting reaction me and [...]


Happy First Day of Spring, all. Be comforted that from today until the beginning of summer, there will either be lovely, light days to delight your eyes in your morning... ...Or several feet of snow in your driveway to assault those poor eyes in the morning. Sorry. Did I burst your bubble? Forgive me. The effects of [...]