Unlike Southern California, it really doesn’t rain in West Africa. With the exception of the Harmattan season, where I have sweet memories of my mom gently rubbing lip balm across my lips to protect against the dry, windy weather outside, nothing really disrupted the hot, sunny days back home. Imagine the interesting reaction me and my sister had when we witnessed actual seasons upon moving to States. Months after we arrived, we saw our first snowfall. There’s a picture somewhere of the three of us (me, sis, and little bro) outside our first apartment, bound in tight, wool coats and knee deep in snow. Anyway, all that said, snow wasn’t rain.

Oh, rain. Like this lady, I don’t care for it. Not only because it’s wet and messy and sad and wet, but because every rainfall reminds me of my issues with the umbrella. I recall my bestie watching me struggle to close an umbrella while trying to get into her car one afternoon–without getting wet–and, after finally getting in, hearing her say, “Aw, you don’t know how to use an umbrella, do you?” I know how. I just don’t do it gracefully. I fight it. I grapple with it. I get wet. Can you blame me? I had to get used to a brand new object! Come on.

This morning, as I prepared to head outside, I almost shook my fists at the heavens. Rain. Which meant the umbrella.

Care to read up about that pesky item you carry in your purse (or murse)? Here you go.

Umbrellas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Umbrellas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir




5 Replies to “Umbrellas.”

  1. Somehow i missed that you actually lived in west africa… why do i think that is soo cool? Im suchba weirdo 🙂 anyway, ima need u to do better with not gettng wet lol

    1. Lol! I’ll try. 😉 Yep, born and raised in West Africa till the ripe age of 8 years old. I think it’s cool too! I love that I still remember those wonderful days. 😊

  2. When I was young I had a clear umbrella. I loved standing still, looking up and seeing the neverending drops fall towards me. Now I’m usually just irritated and think of how it will interfere with my day (see today’s blog entry) but who knows, maybe we would like it more if we stopped to look up. : )

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