Fabu Fashion Wednesday.

Ok, so this post isn’t about music, but the choices I made below are like music to my ears, so we’re going to run with that. Welcome to another intermittent submission for the fashion files. Wanted to share what I wore to the j-o-b today, particularly because it’s a step outside my style comfort zone. Further commentary and details will follow.

Dress2 Dress1

Coral! I mean who would have thunk it? I definitely tend to largely stay in the earth tones family when it comes to my style choices. Nevertheless, when I saw this in the store last summer, it immediately called out to me. I think what I like the most, other than that fun color, is the wavy thing coming down the front. (“wavy thing”–an example of my fashion verbiage. You’re welcome.) But even though it called out to me on the rack, the fact that I waited an entire year to wear it should communicate the whole outside the comfort zone thing. I would glance at the dress in my closet and almost always bypass it. But not this summer, and not this time. It’s light enough for the humid atmosphere outside and dressy enough for the business casual environment (which is usually more dressy than the term implies) here at the job.

Dress – Ross (the go-to place for summer dresses, if you ask me)
Earrings – Target

Now, remember when I mentioned that I would be incorporating more statement necklaces in my outfits? See below!


Lovely or what? The necklace was actually a gift from my sweet Mom to me (awwww), something she surprised me with a few weeks ago. (Proof that she is listening to my ramblings, I think.) Can I tell you how much I love this necklace? Beyond the fact that it’s from Mom, it also dresses up any outfit, which I love. I’ve been wearing it all over the place. Speaking of necklaces…


I’ve posted photos on here that show that necklace above, but I wanted to say a bit about it. I purchased it about a year ago at a boutique in Alabama. I adore it, mostly because when I was a teenager, the one thing I wanted was jewelry with my initials on it. However, as I got older, I thought some of the name necklaces looked a bit too teenager-y. Enter this simple but swirly “S” (first initial of the government name). Not only do I wear it constantly, but it’s one of the few pieces I have that I don’t pull off at some point during the day. Remember my weird affinity for pulling off jewelry? Yeah.

Happy Wednesday, party people.

Making Statements.

One thing I don’t incorporate more in my ensembles are statement pieces, particularly jewelry. I tend to go for the gold hoop look for earrings, and I very rarely wear necklaces. Likely because of my weird childhood habit, perhaps?



Clearly I love hoops.

Anyway, my new fashion project, in my constant effort to creatively step out of my comfort zone when it comes to my personal style, is to try statement necklaces. I choose necklaces because of not usually wearing them. Being married to Pinterest, as I am, I saw some great ideas on how to effectively be a statement-er without looking like I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. A few photos are shown below. Before you peruse, however, did you know there are there rules to wearing statement necklaces? (Pretend you didn’t. Pretend it’s a teachable moment. Please and thank you):

1. If you’re wearing a necklace, the earring action should be very subtle, like posts, or no earrings at all. Again, you avoid the sad, aging actress from a cheesy B movie when you don’t pile all the statements together.
2. Big busted ladies should wear shorter necklaces, so that the pieces aren’t laying directly on the bust like you’re wet nursing the jewelry. Think about it.
3. The outfit itself should be simple, classy, simple. The pop is all the necklace, baby.
4. Necklaces can be placed on a hanger to keep them from tangling.
(Rules were paraphrased from here.)

So I’ll post photos of my statement project here and there. Looking forward to it!

What my husband, Pinterest, showed me: