Making Statements.

One thing I don’t incorporate more in my ensembles are statement pieces, particularly jewelry. I tend to go for the gold hoop look for earrings, and I very rarely wear necklaces. Likely because of my weird childhood habit, perhaps?



Clearly I love hoops.

Anyway, my new fashion project, in my constant effort to creatively step out of my comfort zone when it comes to my personal style, is to try statement necklaces. I choose necklaces because of not usually wearing them. Being married to Pinterest, as I am, I saw some great ideas on how to effectively be a statement-er without looking like I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. A few photos are shown below. Before you peruse, however, did you know there are there rules to wearing statement necklaces? (Pretend you didn’t. Pretend it’s a teachable moment. Please and thank you):

1. If you’re wearing a necklace, the earring action should be very subtle, like posts, or no earrings at all. Again, you avoid the sad, aging actress from a cheesy B movie when you don’t pile all the statements together.
2. Big busted ladies should wear shorter necklaces, so that the pieces aren’t laying directly on the bust like you’re wet nursing the jewelry. Think about it.
3. The outfit itself should be simple, classy, simple. The pop is all the necklace, baby.
4. Necklaces can be placed on a hanger to keep them from tangling.
(Rules were paraphrased from here.)

So I’ll post photos of my statement project here and there. Looking forward to it!

What my husband, Pinterest, showed me:








3 Replies to “Making Statements.”

  1. These are great tips & always stress every one, esp about the subtle earrings. I haven’t written my Fashion Friday post for today yet… It was either gonna be spring trench coats, rompers/jumpers or statement necklaces. Necklaces will probably be easiest for me since I know where to find a gaggle of ’em! Tee hee! My working title is similar to yours… Just so ya know I’m not copying lol. 😉

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