Blogtober #4: Autumnizing the Apartment

Oh, Pinterest. An abundance of lovely goals that likely will never see the light of day. Nevertheless, this year, I'd like to spruce up my place with an autumn theme. Because why not? Some of the ideas running around in my head: All images derived from Pinterest. Onwards and Autumn-wards...

Blogtober #3: How to Enjoy Autumn, Wherever You Are.

Because some of us don't live in areas where we get to breathe in the vivid fall colors and hues and wear snazzy peacoats and wear booties and close our eyes as the crisp breeze surrounds us like an old, trusted friend. Some of us live in Texas. Or Alabama. Or Florida. Or...the Virgin Islands. [...]

real talk.

Life will stink. Life will get messy. People will let you down. Friends will shut you out. Work will feel like a jackhammer. Creativity will be stifled. Love will be slow. Time will lag. Dreams will remain dreams and not the reality you want. You will look in the mirror and not like what you [...]

National Poetry Month: Les Poèmes Finaux (#28,29,30)

The final three poems. It's been wonderful sharing this poetic April with you. Whether it was something I wrote or a classic, beloved piece, I was reminded of my enduring love of poetry, and I hope you were, too. Sometimes we moved in sync with the month, sometimes pieces came at you in bulk, like today. [...]