It’s not Monday or Wednesday…

The title will make sense in a minute, I promise. I didn't post yesterday, so I'm posting today. So it's not Monday. The following post was already published for my "Because it's Wednesday" feature in June 2017 (aka Eye Candy Wednesdays; aka my assortment of boos and baes in the public eye), but I'm reposting [...]

because it’s Wednesday.

It's been a while since we discussed Wednesday lovelies. Here's one for your consideration. You know how I feel about him. I discussed his blueprint status here. Before my dear Idris, it was him. It's still him. You know how you'll never forget your fourth-grade crush even though you're now in college and your current "true [...]


As a singleton, invariably, 1) I'm offered someone's murderous son/nephew/cousin/friend/random guy on the street as a potential marriage partner, and 2) I receive plenty of tips and advice about my future marriage. Here are a few of my favorites, along with a bit of commentary. A good marriage consists of two forgivers. I've heard this more than once, [...]

About your Author.

So how are you? Blah. Yeah, me too. So blah that I forgive you for doing this infernal question and answer thing again. Yeah, you must be really blah to actually be forgiving. Even that bit of sarcasm is ok with me. Sigh. What's wrong, pussycat? I'm blah, but you seem a bit more than [...]